3 Helpful Tips For Transitioning Into Veganism

Food is a universal love used for almost every occasion.  We eat for birthdays, celebrating accomplishments and when grieving for lost loved ones. As time and technology advance, the more we are exposed to the dangers of processed and mass-raised food. These imperfections in food are shown particularly in meat and dairy. As more shocking information comes to the surface, many people have committed themselves to change their diets and overall lifestyle. Veganism allows for a diet that eliminates all animal products. Even though having a healthier diet is easy said than done, we have gathered three tips to help your mind meet your stomach. 

Slowly but surely

At any point in life when making pivotal change discipline and will power is necessary.  Discipline isn’t going to happen overnight but you have to start somewhere. Gradually omitting things from your diet is the perfect baby step into transitioning to veganism. Those initial food items might include red meats, milk, chicken, and or cheese. As you wean yourself off of your normal diet you may begin feeling lighter, seeing incredible results, and not missing those primary eateries that were once apart of your daily routine, as many have reported. That is exactly what you need to step into high gear and seriously commit to veganism.

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Thorough research is a vital piece to the next part of the journey to veganism. Taking things out of your diet is a lot less difficult than being a full-time vegan. The temptation is a big factor but when research and planning are executed properly it calls for a much smoother transition. You can easily slip up if you eat out a lot or if you live in a household where everyone is not vegan. Luckily for you, there is a plethora of vegan restaurants and vegan substitutions for all of your favorite dishes. Youtube is your friend especially when cooking. 

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Having an accountability partner to hold you responsible and potentially take the journey to veganism with you is not a necessity but would help. If you don’t have any immediate friends willing to join you on your vegan journey, there are tons of online support groups with people who are welcoming and helpful. There are also other ways to self motivate and hold yourself accountable. Keeping a food journal is one way, that allows you to see your progress and analyze your mistakes. Meal prepping also keeps you on a narrow path stirring you away from the temptation previously mentioned. No matter how hard it gets remember why you began and let that fuel your motivation to continue.


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