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Bloom in Purpose Wasn’t Just Another Networking Event

Bloom in Purpose Spring Soireé was a success and an unforgettable event. Creatives and entrepreneurs enjoyed mingling with like-minded women and sharing stories of how they are blooming in their purpose.

Inside the Soireé

The event was located in a beautiful indoor and outdoor venue, perfect for a sunny day in Atlanta. There was music, brunch, mimosas, and different stations for activities and photos. Attendees also participated in Abercrombie and Fitch’s newest campaign by explaining how they face their Fierce. Vendor tables by Pink Petal Organics and Nice Scent were also available for everyone to shop. The vibe wasn’t like any other brunch or networking event. It was a relaxing, breath of fresh air for creatives and entrepreneurs to meet, converse, and make memories.

photo provided by niachantal.com

Everyone received an amazing goodie bag full of products from Abercrombie & Fitch, Design Essentials, Sweet Spot Labs, Shea Tree Naturals, and Lilac Reign. Guests were also able to create their very own bouquet of flowers. Their personalized bouquets were physical reminders to think of their purpose and who they are as strong, powerful, creative women.

Blooming All Around

The event concluded with panelists Qri Montague, Anisa Brenee, Chelse Brown, and Kiersten Harris giving their own story of finding their purpose, building a tribe, and developing their brand.

Everyone seemed to have the most experience with dealing with imposter syndrome during their journey. You may have asked yourself why people come to you for advice or express that you inspire them. However, when you’re strong in knowing who you are and what your purpose is you don’t have to question. There’s a reason for everything you’re doing and will do on your journey. Once you believe in your purpose, you won’t be confused or question yourself.

“I’m a glow stick because I’ve been broken,” says Anisa Brenee. “You have to be okay with being broken. There will be ugly times, it’s going to get dark, but God has to break you to position you.”

photo provided by niachantal.com

The Bloom in Purpose Spring Soireé was a success all around and definitely a needed confirmation for everyone in attendance. The event confirmed that we are all here for a reason and have been given assignments to complete. It’s up to us to follow all of the signs that are leading us in the right direction. 

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