Graduation Edition: 5 Hairstyles That Will Look Perfect Under Your Cap

Graduation day is here, and it is a beautiful day! Whether you’re graduating high school or college, graduation day is a big deal and your hair has to be perfect. For some reason, finding a cute hairstyle to go under your graduation cap seems to be more stressful than exam week. So, it is our job as beauty experts to alleviate some of your stress with these five beautiful hairstyles to wear under your graduation cap.

Image result for graduation cap hairstylesNatural Fro 

Natural is always a perfect graduation cap hairstyle because you literally have to put the cap on and go. Easy. cute and super quick! YouTube guru, Chizi Duru, explains the best way to bring out your natural curls.

Image result for low bun under graduation cap

Sleek Low bun 

If your goal is to keep your hair out of the way during graduation, then this low and fun style is perfect! With the hot & humid weather around graduation day, this sleek low bun will ensure that your hair stays in its intended style. Not only is this bun super easy, it’s also very convenient because you can simply place your cap perfectly on top of your head.

Image result for hair under graduation cap

Shoulder Curls 

Here’s another simple look that screams celebration! Using a curling wand and a teasing brush, you can recreate this look in minutes. Once you curl your hair using the wand, split the curls in sections and roll it in a flexi-rod to maintain the curls while you get ready for your big day.

Image result for bun braid under graduation cap

Dramatic Fish Tail Braid

If braiding is your forte, then this fishtail braid is the perfect look for graduation. Whether the fishtail braid is in the back or on the side, it will look beautiful under your graduation cap.

Image result for ponytail under graduation cap

Mega Volume Ponytail 

Do you still have some tangled curls from last week’s do? Totally fine, because with this ponytail, the more volume the better! To recreate this look, simply take a few strands of your hair and wrap it around your low ponytail. You can also pin the sides of your hair to add more creativity. Place your graduation cap on top with a pin or two on the sides for extra security placement, and you’re good to go!

NCMag wishes all of the 2019 graduates’ success in your future endeavors! 


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