ReeSkinn Skincare Sets New Standard for Student Entrepreneurs

Skincare is easily one of the most neglected routines in our daily lives. Taking the proper and necessary steps in skincare will ensure a lifetime of beautiful, youthful skin for years to come. With so many companies offering expensive “must-have” products, skincare hygiene is slowly becoming a luxury instead of a necessity. Recognizing the need for affordable, quality skincare products, entrepreneur and college student Desiree’ Nixon founded the all-natural skincare company, ReeSkinn.

Currently, a student at Georgia Southern University, Nixon started her own company to pursue her interests in skincare, but to also set the standard as a young, black female entrepreneur who intertwines her passions with her professional life.

Photo Courtesy of ReeSkinn

Focused on treating skincare issues like eczema, ReeSkinn’s focal point stems from Nixon’s own skin care issues she faced while growing up.

“Having eczema makes it harder to find everyday products to use,” said Nixon. “Products used to break me out with all the harsh chemicals. I wanted something with natural ingredients I could actually recognize [on the back of the bottle] and could put on my face.”

When asked what the inspiration behind her line was, she went on to explain it was merely comments and compliments from friends and family that got her to thinking about how she could take it one step further.

Photo Courtesy of ReeSkinn

“My friends and family members would always ask me about the different remedies for dark marks, acne, dry skin and that is what inspired me to start my own line of products,” says Nixon.

Starting your own business and building your brand is not an easy task and not for the weak. As a full-time student, Nixon shares how it can be difficult balancing her schoolwork while striving to build her brand.

“It is pretty difficult managing my own small business and trying to keep up with inventory,” said Nixon. “It helps that I am also very knowledgeable about skincare.”

Photo Courtesy of ReeSkinn

Currently, ReeSkinn offers homemade toners, scrubs and masks for those looking to incorporate and invest in more natural products into their daily routine. Products retail from three to 15 dollars.

Looking forward, Nixon hopes to expand her line and the products she offers to the public.

“In the future I see myself adding in face masks and body scrubs to my product line,” says Desiree’ Nixon. “I also want to continue to experiment with ways to make my all-natural products last long term.”

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By: Raylyn Robinson; IG: @raylyn_xo

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