The Art of Metanoia: Three Years of Celebrating Art and Creative Entrepreneurs

Metanoia (met·a·noi·a) is defined as a transformative change in one’s life, heart, and mind, especially resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion. However, when Auriel Oates came across this word while browsing on Tumblr, she was inspired to give the word a more creative view. From there came The Art of Metanoia—a positive space for creative entrepreneurs, and a curated art show dedicated to changing one’s perspective of viewing art. 

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About Auriel Oates and The Art of Metanoia

Launched in 2016, The Art of Metanoia started in Atlanta, GA. Auriel Oates’ vision, as founder and curator of vibes, was to provide a space for her friends and other creatives who are in the arts but didn’t really fit in the average art scene. The Millennial and Z Generation have grown out of most of the norms that other generations were accustomed to. With the help of The Art of Metanoia, the art scene can continue to grow and become more popular.

Three Years of Vibes

This year makes three successful years for Oates and The Art of Metanoia. With her love of the arts and event planning, she has successfully curated a show every year since its opening. In 2018, TAOM took a trip to New York for its first event in another city. They have also partnered with Atlanta’s hip hop festival, A3C, to bring about The Art of Listening; an annual concert featuring local artists. With the celebration of the third year, this year’s show was even better and the biggest yet. 

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About the Event

Located at the Westside Cultural Arts Center on July 14, 2019, the show included art from over 30 visual and performing artists, pop up shops and vendor tables. DJ John J deejayed the event, and Anisa Breneé kept the crowd going as the host. As soon as you walked into the building it was a vibe. Greeting you at the door were beautiful murals from a visual artist, Donice Bloodworth Jr., who also gifted Oates with her own self-portrait. Around the building was even more stunning and creative art that was also available for purchase during the event. People from all over were taking pictures, enjoying the music and full cash bar inside of the venue. 

Photo via @theartofmetanoia on Instagram

Safe Space for Creatives

In between DJ John J’s sets were music performances by Jaylon Ashaun, Cam the Artisan, Cantrell, A-Lex, Destiny Briona, Michael Aristotle, BOREGARD., Mishijah, and Jaye Newton. The crowd’s participation was heartwarming to watch because young people were genuinely enjoying themselves in such a positive, creative space. Especially during an amazing soul train line to Beyonce’s cover of “Before I Let Go”. TAOM proved there is a need for more spaces for creatives.

Oates likes to end each show with a special message to the audience. This year, the message was about timing and learning from the lesson. “Trust in your timing,” says Oates as she closes out the show. “You may think something isn’t working out for you, you may be wondering when something is going to work out, but I promise if you trust in yourself and your timing, everything is going to work out for you.”

Watch the recap video from the three-year anniversary show below, and make sure to stay updated with Auriel Oates and The Art of Metanoia for news on more events.

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