1 year post grad: everything can change in a year

Essence Fest 2017 was a prime time for Kofi Siriboe, and luckily, it was a prime time for me, as well. I was on a high from having interviews with some of Hollywood’s finest, and attending exclusive parties and dinners, around the time when Siriboe tweeted, “Everything can change in a year.”  A six-word sentence that was so powerful. As I look back on my past year, I have to say that statement reigns true.

On this day in 2017, I graduated from the life-changing Georgia State University. Though I was relieved I had made it through the semester, it hadn’t hit me that I earned a degree. The only thing I could think of is I didn’t have a job. I didn’t have a plan. I was in a panic.

Post Grad depression is real but, honestly, I was depressed months before I graduated. Sure, everyone knows the chances of graduates securing a job immediately out of college is low, but I had to defy that statistic. I had been on such an accomplishment high throughout college that I was determined to not peak during those four years.

I wasn’t punishing myself for not having a job, but I saw it as an opportunity to better myself. I wanted to show God and myself that I’m willing to open myself up to opportunities that will allow me to grow. I wanted to show that I’m willing to work for my dreams. That I’m diligent and loyal to walking in my purpose.

A few weeks after I graduated, I met up with my friend to discuss how I could help him with music management. As we met, another friend came up and ask if I was looking for a job and that’s how my journey in media began.

Before I knew it, I was an intern at a magazine and traveling to Essence Fest to embark on my most exciting assignment at the time. But the blessings didn’t stop there.

In this past year, I’ve interviewed big names, travel to test drive cars, snagged a full-time job with an office that had an incredible view, quit that full-time job because I hated it, launched this lovely platform, quit two more jobs after that, and just today, landed a job that literally saved my sanity.

Those were the highs, but in between those highs included major lows. There were plenty of nights where I cried myself to sleep and moments where I even questioned if this was the path I was supposed to travel.

But it was the path I was supposed to travel. I was supposed to experience all those highs and lows to see the bigger picture and to see the power of God.

In the span of a year, I went from barely having money to put gas in my tank, to being able to swipe my card without worrying if I’d get a declination notice from a cashier.

Reflecting on my first year is emotional for me, but ultimately, I know it made me stronger. I dealt with so many things that were sent to destroy me but only made me grow.

To the 2018 graduates, embrace this journey you are about to embark on. For some, it will be a breeze, and for others, you may have to work harder, but all paths will lead to success if you stay humble, patient, and hungry for better.

Congrats Class of 2018 and cheers to future endeavors!

Nia C. Ballard

I am the Editor- in- chief dedicated to sharing the dopeness of the millennial generation.