10 Black-Owned Fashion Brands and Designers You Can Support Right Now

In the wake of the #Blacklivesmatter movement, there has been an uptake in the demand for black-owned brands. Every publication has created a list of black-owned brands we all should shop within different genres. These lists have been used as a symbol for being “down” with the cause. Yet, these same publications have been called out for not hiring Black people. Which begs the question: when the trend is over, where will you actually shop?

Black-owned brands are something that should not be a trend, it is a lifestyle. Buying black-owned must be maintained and sought after constantly. Black businesses struggle daily to get the funding and awareness most white brands receive. This is why we must incorporate black-owned fashion brands on every level–from the fast-fashion stores that are shopped on a daily to the luxury brands we save up our money to own. Here is a list of black-owned fashion brands, at different price points, you can shop today and after the trend is over.

1. Telfar $$$

The Bushwick Birkin. This is the IT bag of 2019-2020. If you are looking for luxury handbags, Telfar is this place you want to go to. Designed by Teflar Clemens, this black designer was the winner of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and he hasn’t let people down since. He sells out almost every time he launches new products. However, you can still join their waitlist to shop for your very own. This is the bag every fashionista has.

2. Love Vera $

Savage X Fenty is currently ruling the scene of luxury everyday lingerie. However, if you are looking for special pieces to wear for your loved one, Love Vera is the place for you. After going viral a couple of months ago, Love Vera has been a rightfully desired shopping destination. Love Vera has models of all body sizes in luxurious and sexy lingerie pieces. From sets to pieces, they usually have a good stock, making this a great lingerie spot you can always shop.

3. Lapp The Brand $$

If you are looking for luxury activewear, Lapp is your spot. Lapp has athletic street pieces. Therefore, this makes them a perfect brand for active pieces that can be worn as looks. Their Padded Corset Sports Bra is a must-have. Lapp The Brand also takes advantage of fabric technology. The majority of their pieces have dry technology making their clothes evaporate sweat quicker then most. They just dropped a new collection, but always have pieces available.

4. Kai $$$

Created in 2016, this London based boutique was inspired by traveling. These romantic pieces take advantage of the weight and fabric characteristics of silks, satins, and knits. Each piece speaks differently and moves differently. Kai Collective is a wonderful home for women that are looking for luxurious fabrics with sleek designs.


The home of the Bandanna heel. Nicolette Nichelle is a home for all the girls who love sneakers and are looking for unique heels. These heels are truly one of a kind and colorful, so beware of the attention you will get while wearing them. They go perfect with a minimalist dress or they can add the finishing touches to a showstopping outfit.

6. Mifland $$$


The best genuine leather backpack you will ever see. Available in multiple colors, this unisex backpack is going to be the only thing you need. Based in Atlanta, Mifland has apparel, wallets, and backpacks. Made in different sizes, everything is handmade in Atlanta and sourced from Atlanta to New York. Their apparel pieces may be sold out, but their backpacks and wallets are usually always available.

7. Silhouette Stylez $

If you are looking for something to replace Forever 21 or Pretty Little Things, try out this brand. Silhouette Stylez has basic pieces that we all need. These are pieces with simple designs but will have a long shelf life in the closet. These simple pieces can be worn a numerous amount of ways. At a low price point, this may be the black fast-fashion site you need to shop with.

8. House of Aama $$$

This mom and daughter duo have created a fashion home that can be seen in publications and tv shows. Most known for their beautiful photos and storytelling, each piece offers a look into the black experience. Everything is made in Los Angeles, meaning that they tend to have a good stock in all of their pieces. If you are looking for clothes that offer a colorful look in folklore, this is your home.

9. T.A. $$$$

For the times you want to splurge a little, save your money and shop here. T.A. was created as a concept store to take a forward look into luxury living with sourcing from all over the world. Each designer in T.A. represents a different aspect of luxury living. A wide range of designers makes it a great place to shop and discover new designers.

10. We Are Kin $$

This sustainable minimalist brand has all of the basic pieces you need. Well-tailored and sourced, these items are designed with slow fashion in mind. We Are Kin has functional conceptual garments. Therefore, their pieces look best when in motion. This makes the garments ideal for everyday living. We are Kin is a lifestyle brand, with garments available now.

Make sure you keep these companies and other black-owned brands in your daily routine. It is our responsibility to turn buying black-owned into a lifestyle, not a trend.

All brands sourced from www.theblackfash.com fashion directory.

Written by: Corinea L. Austin

Corinea is an Atlanta based fashion business owner and voice. She is a graduate of SCAD with a background in fashion, costume design and business management. With insight spanning into the textile industry,  she can be found on all social media under @cocorinea