10 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re trying to get to know somebody new or treat your special someone to a night out, romantic dinners and consistent movie dates add up. With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, you may be looking for a way to have a memorable date without breaking the bank. We’ve put together a guide to dating on an everyday budget, from stay-at-home date ideas for the true homebodies, to outdoor adventures that only require a little spare cash.

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1. Go Out For Dessert

A romantic dinner for two at your favorite restaurant can be expensive so save your money by skipping straight to dessert! This Valentine’s Day, have a date night at My Fair Sweets. This Atlanta boutique bakery is noted for its confectionary creations, but they’re best known for their over the top milkshakes. With a range of flavors inspired by traditional desserts like apple pie and red velvet cake, there’s something for everyone. If you won’t be able to visit My Fair Sweets this Valentine’s Day, your local bakery is sure to have something that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

2. Picnic At The Park

Switch it up from the traditional restaurant setting by taking your meal outdoors. Whether you opt to prep your meals together or order to-go from your favorite restaurant,  having a picnic is a romantic yet cost-friendly way to enjoy some quality time together!

3. Hiking

Planning dates that allow you to unplug and connect as a couple can be difficult with today’s technology. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, plan a date to enjoy picturesque nature trails on a hike with your loved one. In addition to the fresh air and quality time, you’ll find the best part about the great outdoors is that it’s free!

4. Karaoke

If your special someone loves music, then karaoke might be perfect for your next date night. Even if you can’t hold a tune to save your life karaoke is a guaranteed good time. If hitting a local karaoke bar doesn’t suit your pockets, head over to Youtube to create the perfect date night karaoke playlist. Whether you stick to duets or prefer solo performances you have nothing to lose, but your voice!

5. Skating

Relive some of your best childhood memories by taking a few laps around a roller skating rink. If you don’t not how to skate, expect a few bumps and bruises and stick to the inner circle of the rink. However,  a few trips and falls and super slow laps around the rink won’t make the experience any less enjoyable. Plus, the lack of coordination makes the perfect excuse to hold your partner’s hand for the night!

6. At Home Sip and Paint

Explore your creative side and let your inner artist shine with a DIY sip and paint. Plan an extensive date, starting at your local craft store, racing the aisles to find all your wanted supplies in under 10 minutes. After the supplies are purchased, order a pizza or plan to cook a romantic pasta dinner for two. Finish up dinner with a glass of wine, then grab your brushes and get to stroking.  To make it fun, spend the night painting portraits of each other. Your portraits can also double as a gift.

7. Couples Massage

Getting a couples massage is an easy way to relax and de-stress together. Spas often run specials around Valentine’s day. You may find great deals on a couples massage at a high-end luxury spa but if that’s not in your budget try a spa day at home instead. Head over to target or your local drug store and stock up on sheet masks and your favorite massage oils.

8. Game Night

If you’re up for a little friendly competition, have a game night at home. In the mood for some friendly competition but want to get out of the house? Have a date night at a local bar-cade, like Joy Stick Game Bar. With an endless selection of video games, classic board games, great food, and tasty cocktails your date is guaranteed to be full of fun.

9. Drive-in

Want to do movie night but on a budget? Opt for the drive-in theatre instead. Tickets for drive-ins are typically cheaper than regular movies, coasting around 5- 7 bucks. Drive-ins usually show double or triple features for the price of one ticket giving you the ultimate bang for your buck. Plus, you can decorate your car with plush blankets and lights that will provide the ultimate ancomfortablele movie experience.


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10. Museum

Get cultured on a budget! Most museums regularly offer free admission or discounted tickets throughout the month. If you’re in the Atlanta area and can celebrate a few days early check out the High Museum of Art. Everyone receives free admission on the second Sunday of each month (February 10). If you won’t be able to make it to any museums this Valentine’s day try exploring the local culture by visiting some historic sites in your area.

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