10 Daily Affirmations to Release Your Inner Girl Boss

What you manifest into the universe, will surely come back to you. Staying positive and changing your thought process allows the things you want to find you. Adding positive affirmations to your daily routine can help reprogram your thought patterns so that you start thinking and acting with a better mindset. Repeating the affirmations daily can improve self-esteem and productivity, raise your confidence, and overcome any bad habits. We all have an inner girl boss inside of us, and it’s our job to make sure she grows into her fullest potential. Say them out loud or write them down, apply these 10 affirmations to your daily life to release your inner girl boss.

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Affirmations on self-love

Nothing can begin without you feeling good about yourself first. Everyone talks about building a relationship with yourself, but it doesn’t come unless you do the work. Recognize the negative thoughts about yourself and work on turning them into positives. Blessings and bigger opportunities will come to you when you’re feeling good and are open to them.

  • I am complete spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
  • I find joy in being myself.
  • I am connected to all parts of who I am.
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Affirmations to attract money

Creating goals and positive affirmations about money can also change the way we think about it. They say more money, more problems, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you don’t allow it. Develop a positive business mindset for your career, business, and/or side hustles.

  • I manage my finances with ease.
  • I am fully comfortable with attracting revenue and maintaining it.
  • I budget my finances without fear.
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Affirmations on building a positive environment

As you write down your goals, dreams, and business plans, only allow positivity in the space you are creating. Surround yourself with people that will support you and remove anything else that does not align. Your inner girl boss will be thankful for the work you have done.

  • I attract relationships that are safe and healthy for me to be vulnerable and transparent.
  • I attract lucrative business opportunities through my creative gifts and works.
  • My creative projects are highly praised and loved.
  • I am making my dreams into a reality this year.
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