3 Signs He May Disappear on Valentine’s Day

It’s finally time for  Valentine’s Day again! Most women expect dates, dozens of flowers, chocolates, and lots of love. Luckily for those women, they get just that. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for all women. If the relationship isn’t written in stone, it is common for the guy to disappear until the holiday is over. The best way to avoid having a disappointing Valentine’s Day is to pay attention to these three signs that the guy usually shows weeks before February 14th.

Being Distant

The first red flag is if a man is being extremely distant and always sending ‘dry’ text messages, if he sends any at all, to a woman. Nowadays, everyone has their phones in their hands at all time. There is no excuse for someone to take hours to reply to a text message. If he’s not answering any texts or calls, constantly making excuses on why he doesn’t want to hang out, chances are, he will not give his attention to her on V-Day.

Making other plans

The second red flag is if he constantly brings up other plans. If he’s not interested in being the center of her Valentine’s Day plans, he will avoid any plans involving him. Maybe he’ll make plans with his friends. He may even mention other guys that are in her life that she should spend the occasion with. For example, there may be another guy who has been relentlessly courting her or another man who she may have previously had a fling with who he’ll suggest she hang out with.

Talking about someone else

The third and final sign that he will not be present during Valentine’s Day is if he is bringing up other girls in front of her. Forget about taking the attention away from him, he’s now taking the attention away from her! He’s blatantly proving that his intentions for Valentine’s Day have little to nothing to do with her. Nothing else will be more definitive to prove he’ll disappear on Valentines Day than him mentioning his intentions with another girl.

Written by: Brandon Ogbu


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