5 Exercises That Will Improve Your 30-minute Workout

Exercising isn’t always fun or easy, but it’s an important step to staying fit and healthy. It’s especially hard figuring out a routine that fits perfectly with a busy schedule. For some, a 30-minute workout may be all the time a person has, but a workout nonetheless. If you fit that category and only have a small amount of time for a workout, this is for you. Here are five workouts that will improve the effectiveness of your 30-minute workout.
Jumping Rope

Let’s take a walk down memory lane when you were in elementary school and had to take gym class. This was probably your first introduction to the jump rope. A 10-minute jump rope set equals to a 45-minute run. If going outside for a run isn’t your thing, try picking up a jump rope and do a set just 10 minutes. It’s effective because you’re using your abdominal muscles, legs, shoulders, and arms.

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A lot of 30-minute workouts will include a set where squats are involved. Doing a set of squats are an effective way to work on your hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. To make them a little more intense you can pick up a resistance band and add it to the routine.

Shape Your

Next, adding the forward lunge to your 30-minute workout is an easy way to stretch and improve legs muscles at the same time. It sculpts your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Add a round of three, 45-second sets to ensure you’re getting a thorough workout.

Adding Burpees are perfect for a 30-minute workout. A wide array of athletes do them for training purposes. It helps with your strength training as well as an aerobic exercise. It’s considered a cardio workout and it’s a good way to lose some calories.
Mountain Climbers

The Mountain Climber is an intermediate workout. After a couple of seconds, you will quickly fill the burn. It’s perfect for strength-training. It strengthens multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously. For people who want to work on their glutes and leg muscles, this exercise is perfect for your 30-minute routine.

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