5 High Fashion Brands and Designers You Should Know More About

Having a stylish wardrobe sometimes comes with a cost. In the world of fashion, you get what you pay for and quality is rarely, if ever, cheap. When purchasing high-end designer brands, you are making an investment in your personal style. Authenticity and edginess are key components of iconic luxury brands. An abundance of brands and designers are making a splash in the fashion world right now. They are making statements with their individuality, unconventional and cutting edge style. Here are some high fashion brands you should be adding to your bucket list. 


Photo Credit: @off__white

Milan-based fashion label OFF-WHITE was founded in 2012 by American DJ and fashion entrepreneur Virgil Abloh. The brand takes high-end streetwear to another level with unconventional pieces ranging from patchwork to graphic t-shirts. OFF-WHITE is an infant label that has gained a massive following with the help of social media and celebrity influencers. It is known for its trademarked design of white strips and intersecting arrows. OFF-WHITE is distinctly recognizable and popular among urban fashion influencers and celebrities alike.  

Pyer Moss

Photo Credit: @pyermoss

Flatbush native, Kerby Jean-Raymond, is getting his well-deserved recognition as a black fashion designer. Founded in 2013, Pyer Moss is widely celebrated for paying homage to black culture and building a narrative that speaks to heritage and activism. Coming close to losing it all in pursuit of his passion, Kerby is now a successful fashion entrepreneur and Artistic Director of Reebok Studies. Pyer Moss won the 2018 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and was on Vogue’s Spring 2019 best collections list. Kerby has also been listed as Forbes 30 under 30 for his strides in the fashion industry. 

Aleali May

Photo Credit: LA Times

Los Angeles-native, model, stylist, and sneaker designer, Aleali May, has made a widespread impact on the fashion world. She is able to blend luxury, streetwear, femininity, and masculinity effortlessly. Aleali has styled an ongoing list of celebrities from Jaden Smith to Kendrick Lamar. Her influential social media presence and unique style gained the attention of Jordan Brand designer, Frank Cooke. This lead to her landing a shoe deal with Nike in 2017. Since closing her deal, Aleali has collaborated on several Air Jordan designs. Some of her most-popular shoes include her debut sneaker, Satin Shadow, and her latest unisex style, the Millennial Pink VI. 


Photo Credit: @jacquemus

French designer, Simone Porte, started his fashion label, Jacquemus, at the age of 19. The label’s designs have taken the fashion world by storm with its sense of freedom and youthfulness. Jacquemus entered the fashion scene the untraditional, yet very strategic route of social media. Leveraging his massive social media influence, the self-taught designer invites his followers to explore his collections and playful candids through an aesthetically pleasing feed. Jacquemus’ collection features asymmetrical designs, boxy silhouettes, and a playful appeal pushing the boundaries of French fashion.  

Johnny Nelson!

Photo Credit: @johnnynelsonjewelry

English born and Brooklyn raised jewelry designer, Johnel Jamison founded the Johnny Nelson Jewelry brand in 2017. Jamison’s socially-conscious designed pieces are a deep connection to his roots. The brand became even more popular after actress and producer, Lena Waithe wore the brand’s buttons showcasing prominent faces of hip-hop and LGBTQ icons during the Met Gala in 2019. Johnel and Kerby Jean-Raymond also collaborated for New York Fashion Week in 2019 for a runway show that reclaimed rock’n’roll. Johnny Nelson Jewelry features faces of legendary icons such as Jay-Z, Nina Simone, Missy Elliot, RuPaul, Freddie Pendavis and many more.


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