5 Lessons We Learned from Zoey Johnson in Grown-ish

As season three of the hit show, Grown-ish makes its debut January 16, 2020, we reflected back on the first two years of college Zoey Johnson and the gang have completed. From dropping classes and figuring out their purpose in life, to love relationships and the many adventures that come with having roommates–Zoey and her friends have already been through a few tough lessons we all can relate to as young adults. Whether you went to college or not, the storylines of each member of the crew were definitely important topics of conversation. Here are five lessons we learned from season one and two that were most relatable, and well… some that were triggering.

Photo via @grownish on Instagram

The Importance of effective communication

From both seasons, the crew had one common issue that they struggled with–communication! There always seemed to be an argument around miscommunication, saying the wrong things at the wrong time, or not being able to express their feelings effectively in general. For example, the end of season one ended with Aaron and Luca trying to express their feelings to Zoey on the same night. This awkward situation could have been easily avoided if Aaron wasn’t playing mind games all year and if Luca was a bit more transparent. In season two, we almost had a crew break up when Zoey catches Doug breaking a rule between him and Jazz’s relationship. They weren’t supposed to be at co-ed parties without each other. However, Zoey drops the ball of telling Jazz she saw him and it completely turned into a full-blown situation causing the girls to not speak to each other. Learning how to effectively communicate in a calm, respectful manner decreases the number of unnecessary arguments and silent treatments. Also, try not to wait too long to have a needed conversation. It’s best to deal with the situation when it’s still fresh.

Photo via @grownish on Instagram

You actually have to put in work for your dreams

 In season two, we saw a lot of Zoey’s ego come out when it came time for her to be serious about what she wanted to do in life. Everything seemed to come tumbling down after dropping her fashion design class. She gets caught cheating on her chemistry final and gets cut off financially by her father. Her friends literally begged her to get a job, and even when she did, she still had the mindset of everything was supposed to work out for her without her actually putting in work. Unfortunately, that’s not how life works. You get out what you put in, and still have to work to keep it. No one is going to just give us anything if we hadn’t already proved that we deserve it. 

Respect the written and unwritten rules of the friend circle

The crew had a list of rules they had between them to keep the peace. Outfit checks to avoid looking alike, texting good morning as soon as they woke up, never letting their phones die, group approval on all photos, and keep your location tracking on at all times. Now, these rules may differ for everyone, but it’s important for your crew to all be on the same page. Especially when it comes to significant others. After Aaron and Ana start messing around lowkey and behind Zoey’s back, the dynamic between everyone immediately got awkward. A conversation must be had about who’s off-limits and who isn’t, whether there was a commitment or a situationship. The worst way to lose friends is over being sneaky or when it comes to dating within the circle. Respecting each other’s boundaries is essential for healthy friendships.

Photo via @grownish on Instagram

Sometimes, you just need to be single

College years are all about finding yourself. Discovering what you like and dislike, what your interests are, and who you want to be in life. It’s also the beginning years of having a dating life. Season one, we saw Zoey being head over heels for Aaron, then we met Cash, then we introduced Luca into the circle. Zoey definitely has been discovering herself through her love life, and we love to see it. However, season two ended with Zoey and Aaron kissing goodbye as she goes off to London for her internship. This could definitely get messy since this is right after Aaron and Ana’s situation. Another example of why there should be boundaries of who is off-limits when it comes to dating. If you find yourself jumping from person to person, it could also be a sign that you don’t know what or who you want. It’s okay to take a break from dating or entertaining people to focus on yourself.

Learn to do things independently 

As season 2 came to a close, Zoey and Aaron had a heart to heart about everything they were struggling with. They both understood what they needed to do for themselves to create change. Aaron has been the number one advocate of black lives matter on campus. However, he has yet to see any real change from the university. He decided to take the matter into his own hands and created a charity dedicated to mental health for black students. As for Zoey, she finally realized what she needed to do about her journey in fashion. She came up with an idea to pitch a new major, Sociology of Fashion. When no one else seems to be doing anything to make a change, sometimes you have to be the one to step up. 

With all of the lessons from season one and two, we’re excited to see how junior year pans out in season three. Especially, after the season trailer showing that someone might be pregnant. Make sure to catch the new episode on Freeform Thursday, January 16th!