5 Networking Techniques to Implement during Hindsight 2020s

We are counting down the days until Hindsight 2020s. At a networking event, there are many ways people use this time to get to know people in their chosen field and branch out. This month’s event will focus on the entertainment industry with film and tv professionals. Here are five networking techniques that you can implement during the event.

Researching the Event & the Main Speaker

A good networking technique is doing your googles and knowing who is going to be there. It is a good way to scope out people that you may want to talk to and ask specific questions. It is also a safe topic to discuss with the guests. For example, if there was a point that the speaker mentioned in their speech that you agree or disagree with, feel free to discuss it with someone amicably to get their personal take on it.

Bring your business cards and some backups

Yes, everyone has physical business cards, but what happens when you run out? Think about adding online business cards. Graphic designer, Mia Harden, gave out this great tip: create an online business card to airdrop to others at the conference. This is a great tip to make sure you are covered. Feel free to create a QR code to your website or your Linkree-styled link to draw attention to your brand and/or offerings.

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Be Prepared with your Linkedin

Linkedin is turning into a sharp tool for multiple industries to use to see your resume on-the-go. Make sure you prepare your Linkedin before your event with updated photos and information. It saves time to get prepared before just in case someone wants to connect. It is also a great way to in contact with people if you lose their business cards or want to find a recruiter.

Keep it Classy

The conversation seems to be one of the hardest parts of networking at events. You may not be sure of what to say or what not to say. I have a rule of thumb: “if my grandmother wouldn’t want me to say it, I don’t at all.” At these events, you are putting your best foot forward. Keep it PG and genuinely connect and get to know people.

Try the “Three Before Me” tactic

Personally, this was one of my favorite sayings I got from my first-grade art teacher. It means to ask three people before her. It may be great for a teacher filled with twenty rambunctious kids but it can apply here as well. Make a goal of talking to three people solo. At least spend 15 minutes with them to get a good conversation. After those three people, feel free to retreat to reflect on what you learned. It is also perfect for those who are introverted.

The opportunity to go to events like Hindsight 2020s is a great one, and it can bring you more support than some online connections. Online is good but in person is still KING. Don’t forget to buy your ticket here!

Sterling Jones

Sterling is a beauty and lifestyle writer that's originally from Atlanta, GA. Background in Art History and Beauty Marketing, Sterling loves to write about the latest products, cultural trends, and lifestyle brands on her site, The Beauté Study. She can be found on all socials under @thesterlingstudy.