5 Perfect Nail Colors to Flaunt at Essence Fest


 The 25th annual Essence Music Fest is on the way! Musiq Soulchild, Mary J. Blige, City Girls, and Ginuwine are a few of the many amazing artists set to perform over the highly-anticipated weekend. The Essence Music Festival is a well-known festival held in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s dedicated to the celebration of African-American culture and the accomplishments of those in the music industry that have dedicated their careers to the progression of the industry and its people. 

Bright hues, floral patterns and out of the ordinary nail decor is in and Team NC couldn’t be happier. Aside from wearing your most festive look at the Essence Fest, it is essential to make sure your nails are making a statement for themselves. We are ditching the deep hues and replacing them with some vibrant colors. Colors for the summer are essential and are especially fun with bold or pastel colors to add personality to any look.

Red Nails with Negative Space

Photo Credit: Byrdie

Everyone loves that right shade of red, but this summer we are going outside of the box! Negative space is the perfect way to spruce up any nail look and is definitely an eye-catcher at Essence Fest.

Red nail polish is the ultimate statement of glamour – a bold, look-at-me colour that speaks of passion, fire and confidence. It marks you out as someone who is daring, dramatic, outgoing and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. Play with this hue when you want to show off your diva side! –thebeautygypsy

Pastels with Geometric Shaping

Photo Credit: Byrdie

Geometric shaping is the perfect way to let people see you are a true creative at heart. These jazzy shapes can spruce up any mani or even a pedicure. You can even switch it up and use different color combinations to offset each other and be sure to catch everyone’s eyes.

Intricate nail art tells the story of a free spirit who has a creative imagination and is a risk taker. She isn’t afraid to experiment and embraces change. –thebeautygypsy

Turquoise with Bedazzled Accents

Photo Credit: Byrdie

This blue is the perfect shade for the summer that shows you are popping, to say the least. Use this sea-like blue to incorporate an upbeat set for a chill personality. The cute jewel accents also offer a touch of personality and show you like to have a little fun on your off days and vacay time.

 When worn as a nail polish, blue is not for the faint of heart. It’s fun and experimental, giving the impression that you live an adrenaline-filled lifestyle full of constant excitement. In short, blue nail polish tells the world that you are youthful, fun and willing to try new things.  thebeautygypsy

Yellow Neon

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Neon is in this summer as you can probably tell from online boutiques such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and Boohoo. Neon yellow is a perfect way to show you are ready to have fun and roll with the punches with your girlfriends all weekend!

Rocking a neon hue is a good sign that you’re up for a good time. You are hip, vivacious, energetic and talkative with a “life is too short” attitude. You are the life of the party and strike up conversations with strangers – probably while dancing the night away in a cool nightclub. –thebeautygypsy

Bright Neon Orange

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with a bold, neon color and especially for a fun music festival. This color looks stunning on melanin and women of various complexions. Whether you choose to dress up this set with a matte or shiny top coat, you are sure to turn heads at this year’s Essence Music Festival.

This cheerful tropical colour is popular amongst women who are bubbly, creative and love the warmth of summer. They are generous, make friends easily and are first in line for any kind of fun outing. –thebeautygypsy

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