5 Podcasts You Should Be Following

As we continue to become busier entrepreneurs and overall workaholics, time seems to never be still. It gets harder to do simple things like watch our favorite shows or even read a physical book. However, Podcasts have become more popular to listen to as a medium between a talk show and reading a book. From business and entrepreneurship content to comedy and entertainment, there’s a show just for you. Here are five podcasts to add to your list or to start with if you’re a new podcast listener.

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Pop-Culture: The Read

A weekly dose of pop-culture and hip-hop news, with a side of shade, Kid Fury and Crissle are the hilarious hosts of “The Read”. Recently celebrating their sixth-year anniversary, they have successfully captured the hearts of the black community. The conversation can go anywhere from celebrity news and Beyonce stanning (with Blue Ivy voiceovers) to living in New York and giving advice to listeners. Every show ends with a brutally honest “read” to anyone who needed to be dragged that week. The hosts have taken their podcast to live shows and even snagged the title of the first podcast to headline the Essence Festival in 2018. Also, with a recent announcement from Fuse TV, the podcast is coming to a television near you very soon. 

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Mental Health and Awareness: The Friend Zone

Catch them every week on “The Friend Zone” as Dustin Ross, Assante, and Francheska of heyfranhey.com “explore mental health, mental wealth, and mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?” The three friends dive in on relatable topics dedicated to improving your life. Along with the weekly topic, the hosts will share their music and television favorites, as well as a black business for you to try. You can also catch them at their live shows, or see them out supporting their friends of The Read Podcast.

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Comedy: Small Doses with Amanda Seales

In this chaotic world that seems to love allowing people to get away with everything, you need someone who is going to be real about it all. Comedian, Amanda Seales,  drops weekly gems in “small doses” for everyday use. She addresses (and doesn’t back down) issues in entertainment, relationships, and with humans in general. She keeps the show creative with her hilarious one-liners, added sound effects, and an occasional guest of people she likes in the industry. 

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Self-help: By the Book

If you love reading self-help books, this one is perfect for you. Described as “half reality show, half self-help podcast, and one wild social experiment”, “By the Book” is hosted by Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer. They live by the rules of each self-help book they read and come back to discuss what happened. The hosts answer questions to see if the book was actually helpful and if the audience should live by it.

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Lifestyle: Black Girl Podcast

For everything black girl magic, the “Black Girl Podcast” is hosted by five women who work in the entertainment industry. Rebecca “Bex” Francois, Sapphira Martin, Alysha Pamphile, Gia Peppers and Deanii “Scottie Beam” Scott, provides a candid, yet raw conversation. Get to know them through their Hot 97 radio days, experiences of being in a male-dominated industry, traveling and relationships. The podcast launched on the 21st anniversary of Waiting to Exhale, perfectly aligning with the five friends as they lean on each other through life.

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