5 Songs to Add to Your Girl Boss Playlist

Music is essential to the soul and productivity. Any working woman will tell you she has a go-to playlist that helps get her into the swing of things when handling business. It’s even been scientifically proven that music helps improve focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and spark motivation. The perfect “Girl Boss” playlist includes an array of songs that help stimulate your creativity and motivates you to produce your best work. The vibes from your playlist are essential to getting the creative juices flowing whether it be smooth R&B or a hustle-oriented trap single. Here are five songs to add to your Girl Boss playlist!

Sue Me – Wale

Wale is a go-to artist when you’re in the mood for smooth tones and poetic feels. This single is from his newest project “Wow… That’s Crazy.” It’s truly an inspirational track that deserves to be played on repeat. Wale is unapologetically rooting for his people, as should you too.  Continue rooting for yourself and the circle of bosses around you. If this song doesn’t put you in the mood to handle your business and motivate those around you, maybe you haven’t listened enough just yet.

New Apartment – Ari Lennox

It’s totally fine if you haven’t literally gotten a new apartment, this carefree, relaxed bop still fits into the mix. Ari Lennox is a vibe that any of us can relate to. This song reminds you to celebrate what you’ve achieved and that no one can tell you s*** because you’re a boss! You deserve to relax with that glass of wine and carelessly dance to the same song playing on repeat after you’ve worked so tirelessly to reach that next milestone. So keep pushing through so we can get to that glass of wine!

Self-Love – Dreamville (Ari Lennox, Bas & Baby Rose)

“Self-love is the best love” is the motto, now and forever. No matter how much work there is to do, how many deadlines you have to meet, or how much your boss is nagging you, you always come first. This Dreamville product is one to have readily available when you forget that work isn’t life, and when you need that second to breathe and remind yourself who you are. Bosses need breaks too.

Motivation – Normani

Upbeat, fun and motivational, this chart-topping single from Normani will be a great addition to your playlist. It’ll make you want to dance in your seat and spark your creativity. Branching out into her solo career coming from the girl group Fifth Harmony, Normani has portrayed true girl power paving her own way. She’s reminded us all to embrace being fun, sexy, and motivational bosses.

Good as Hell – Lizzo

This feel-good, self-love anthem should be on every woman’s playlist. Lizzo has been monumental in inspiring women and men alike to truly embrace and love themselves and their craft. Even on your worst day, this song can turn your mood completely upside down. We’re going to keep feeling “Good as Hell” about ourselves AND our work ladies; no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.