5 Things to Add to Your Morning Routine for a Better Mindset

From the moment we open our eyes, we are influenced by every medium of media. Whether we know it or not, the things we hear and see have a lasting impact on us throughout our day. Everyone can’t always – nor do some even want to – hit the gym at 6 am but there are other ways to guide your day for the perfect start. Knowing your morning normally sets the tone for your day. We came up with five things to add to your morning routine to help you stay focus, and ready to rule your day!

Daily Bible Verse & Devotional
Waking up and reading the Bible instantly calms your nerves. Download the Bible app to receive daily verses, and explore thousands of daily devotionals that are catered to whatever you’re struggling or need assurance with. Regardless if it’s fear, self-acceptance or love, there is a devotional available sure to help give you peace about life situations.
A therapeutic way to gather your thoughts in the morning is to journal. In the morning, our minds race with all the tasks ahead during the day. Writing usually helps to organize your thoughts and shrink the monster of your daily tasks. There are no limits to journaling or a specific format. You can jot down your thoughts, or create a “grateful”  list to channel a spirit a gratitude for your day.
Prayer & Meditation
After you have written down your thoughts, next is praying and meditating over your intentions for the day. Praying may seem simpler than meditating, but it’s just the same. Praying is when you speak to your Higher Power, and meditation is when you allow the Higher Power to speak back. If you’re a bit intimidated about meditating, download the Headspace app, and try the meditating basics. You can choose your meditating focuses, and the length of your sessions, varying from 3 to 10 minutes, daily.
Affirm Yourself 
Before you go out into the world, you have to affirm yourself. With so many daily negative messages dictating your limitations, it’s imperative to create a daily mantra that affirms yourself and your greatness. It doesn’t have to extremely elaborate, nor does it have to be super short. It’s best advised to include things you may be struggling with, or just want to tell yourself every day. Simple statements like, “I am beautiful and loved,” “I will have sustained success,” and “I have no competition, what is for me will be for me” are great additions to your mantra and have a strong impact on your daily life.
Audio Book
This may be the toughest step, but on your ride into work, replace your lit playlist with an audiobook that encourages you to unlock your inner greatness. Our current favorite is “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” by Catherine Ponder. Though it was written in the 60s, the principles of prosperous manifestation it teaches are still relevant today. Depending on your commute this listen can last you for a week or two.
Nia C. Ballard

I am the Editor- in- chief dedicated to sharing the dopeness of the millennial generation.