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5 Things to Possibly Expect from Beyonce’s New Netflix Documentary

Over the weekend, Netflix posted a cryptic image with the word “Homecoming,” setting the internet ablaze, with the Bey Hive dousing the fire. A few days after, confirming the internet rumors, Netflix released an official documentary trailer featuring clips of performance practices, juxtaposed with clips of black history and art, iconically featuring a voiceover clip of the late Dr. Maya Angelou.

The documentary will provide an in-depth look into the preparation of the iconic Beychella performance, along with never-before-seen scenes of Beyonce creative directing the entire performance.

The trailer was just a teaser but it didn’t stop me from guessing what to expect in it.  Anxious for what’s to come, I’ve speculated  5 things that you can expect from Homecoming.

H.B.C.U History

Beyonce’s Coachella performance was based on high-energy historically black college or university (HBCU) homecomings. HBCU homecomings are huge celebrations with a wide variety of events and culture ranging from Black Greek Letter Organization step shows, band extravaganzas, and fun house parties. From the outfits, music selection, and song breaks, we can clearly see how homecoming performances that inspired her. I’m hoping to see Bey studying Youtube videos of legendary bands from schools like Southern and FAMU to finally end the debate of which band is better and who actually inspired Bey. Giving back to the institutions who inspired her, following her Beychella performance, Beyonce launched the Homecoming Scholars Award Program, which awarded four HBCUs $25,000 to give to a student of their choosing.

Behind the scenes of the performance

The length of the documentary is a glorious two hours and seventeen minutes long, making it possible for us to possibly see full-length clips from the performances,  in several different angles. The trailer showed the dancers joking behind the stage and during dance rehearsals so I strongly believe we’ll also get clips of Bey doing the same. I’m sure we’ve al wondered how silly Bey is, and it looks like we’ll finally get an inside look.

How Coachella became a moment in Black History

Beyonce is known for making large stages a platform for black culture, and Beychella was no different. Beyonce made history by being the first African-American women to headline at Coachella. She also broke records as the most live-streamed performance of all time. Her unapologetic celebration of black culture and history in a predominately white cultural space opened the mainstream door for appreciation of a celebration that educated African Americans have enjoyed for decades. Those records and the impact of the performance were no accident. I’d love to see Beyonce in the beginning stages of this mastermind plan to broadcast the beauty of black culture.

The Private Makings of Bey

Beyonce is a global entertainer that has astonishingly kept her personal life away from the public. In this documentary we’ll get a glimpse of her training in the gym, sharing intimates moments with Jay Z, hitting dance practice with Blue Ivy, and super exclusive video of the mystery twins, Rumi and Sir.  With Bey always flying under the radar with her personal life, this overload of personal videos and pictures will finally put our wondering minds at ease.

Future projects she is going to work on

After we have explored the journey to Beychella,  the documentary will probably end with a look at what’s to come for Beyonce. As the Queen of release dramatics,  she always surprises fans with jaw-dropping announcements, so it’s safe to assume this will be no different. It’s certain there is a lot more to come from mother Bey, and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what’s next.

“Homecoming” airs on Netflix April 17

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