5 Things To Do on Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is considered the most romantic day of the year. Those who are happily in relationships typically spend the day displaying their love for their significant other by showering them with affection and gifts, but if you happen to find yourself single on Valentine’s day, it’s easy to have an indifferent view of the holiday.  Don’t let happy couples bring you down. Even if you don’t have someone special to share Valentine’s Day with, don’t let the day go to waste. Here are five things to do if you’re single this Valentine’s Day.

Take A Stiletto Dance Class

If you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone this Valentine’s Day, try something new like taking a heel dancing class. Mastering how to dance in heels takes a lot of skill and dedication. It’s okay if you don’t have a perfected routine by the end of the night, but this is the perfect opportunity for a girls night out. A seductive dance class can also give your self-confidence a little boost. You might even learn some moves that could benefit you in the near or distant future.


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Throw A Party

If your goal is to stay distracted on Valentine’s Day, consider planning a get together for your closest single friends. With the right food and music, having a party is a great way to keep your mind off of all things related to Valentine’s Day. Whether you go big or prefer to have a small get together, you’re sure to have a good time.

Get Away

If the idea of Valentine’s Day doesn’t sit well with you, use it as the perfect excuse to get away. Make the most of the day and plan a mini vacay to a nearby destination. If you won’t be able to get away this Valentine’s Day, opt for a staycation instead. Try booking a room in a luxury hotel for the night and treat yourself to a night away from home.


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Treat Your Self

Take advantage of all the “me-time” and spend the day treating yourself.  Dedicate this day to doing all the things you wish you had the chance to do a little more. Whether you decide to have a mini spa day and get a mani-pedi, spend that day indulging in your favorite junk foods, go on a full-blown shopping spree, or even stay in bed to catch up on your favorite show. Whatever it is take some time for yourself. After all, self-love is the best love.  

Take Advantage of The Couples Discounts

Have a single friend? Pair up to take full advantage of all the discounts Valentine’s Day has to offer!  That’s right, you can fake your way through Valentine’s Day. Discounted dinner for two, half-off couples massages, free desserts, take it all!  Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun.



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