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5 Times Marsai Martin Proved She Is a Legend in the Making

Many know her as Diane Johnson from the hit sitcom Blackish, but now at only 14, Marsai Martin is officially taking the world by storm. Actor,  produce, and history maker, Martin has become a household name in a very short time. She has accomplished so much as just an early teenager, proving that you should never let your age, young or old, keep you from reaching your goals. Looking for a Little (OUT NOW!) inspiration, here are five times Marsai Martin proved she is a legend in the making.

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She signed to an agency at age five

Even as a baby, Martin knew how to entertain! She began acting before she could even speak. Her parents recognized her talent and knew it wouldn’t be long before she would become a successful young actress. As foreseen, Martin signed to a talent agency at 5, and shortly after, landed her first national commercial campaign with Choice Hotels.

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She fired her agents

During a period of hiatus for the TV show Blackish, Martin was curious as to what other opportunities were out there for a young black actress like herself. When her agents encouraged her to take a break and not worry about working, Martin fired them! Like a boss, Martin knew she didn’t want to sit still and let the world pass her by. She was determined to work on other projects while the show was on break. 

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She’s bringing home the gold

Martin has already been nominated for and won numerous awards. Her accolades including a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series – Supporting Young Actress (Blackish) and three Image Awards, two for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Blackish) and one for Outstanding Performance by a Youth (Blackish).  Having already received such prestigious awards, her trajectory is surely aimed for Oscars, starting with her future nominations and wins for Little!

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She’s the youngest producer in Hollywood

Martin pitched the idea for Little to Will Packer at the age of 10. Packer is a well-known producer behind many black blockbusters like Girl’s Trip, Night School and Think Like a Man. Since that meeting, Martin has created her own production company, Genius Productions, and has become the youngest person to ever produce a film in Hollywood. With one film and a production company under her belt, we can expect to see many more films and TV projects from Martin.  

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She signed a “first-look” deal with Universal Pictures

Martin has recently signed a first-look deal with Universal, allowing the film company to get first dibs on pitched projects, set for TV or theaters.  No official projects have been announced as of yet, but there are talks of a film starring Martin about a girl adjusting to life with a stepmother. Universal has also set release dates for three of  Packer’s upcoming comedies, including Little, to be released between now and 2020. It is not certain what part Martin will play in future Will Packer films, but beyond the Packer Productions partnership, this Universal deal will definitely open legendary doors.


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