5 Tips for Dating When You’re Busy

I remember when dating was as simple as checking a yes or no box on a crumpled piece of paper.  As adults, it’s just not that easy, especially when you have a busy schedule. We all have that friend who insists that they’re only single because they just don’t have the time to date. Since you’re here,  there’s a good change that friend is probably you. Between working, running errands and spending time with family and friends, how can someone possibly find the time to date? Well if you’re struggling in the date department, you might be going about it all wrong. Here are five tips for dating when you’re busy.

Make time for dating

A lot of the time we are consumed with other people’s relationships. It does make being single really hard when it seems like everyone you know has a boo. However, you have to decide if you’re ready to make time to date, or if you’re just feeling lonely. Once you’ve made time to date you’ll realize that you might have been over-planning your days to feel busy. You might have to rearrange things in your life to make room for the possibility of another person. As someone who values their alone time, it can be hard to think about giving up some of that time to spend with someone else. But when you find the right person, it feels more like a gain rather than a loss. 

Dating App

Dating apps

Dating apps do carry a few stigmas like they’re only for hook-ups, or that they’re super dangerous. But when done right, dating apps have led to long and fulfilling relationships. Even if you don’t find your future hubby/wife on Tinder, let’s face it, dating apps are just plain fun. What makes them so convenient is that you can use them anywhere, during your lunch break, at the gym or even on vacation! 


One of the biggest causes of failed relationships, romantic or platonic, is miscommunication. If you know you have a busy schedule, it’s important to let the person know that from the beginning. Sending a quick text to let someone know that you won’t be available during a certain time makes all the difference. The key to communicating though is to actually follow through. If you plan a coffee date or a Facetime chat make sure to show up and be present during these activities. Always let the other person know ahead of time if you have to reschedule or if something has come up. 

Be Accountable

Now that you’re officially in date mode, you have to keep your stride and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Pick a responsible friend who would give you gentle reminders (not nag you) about your dating goals. Having a friend to support you can take the pressure off and it will help you stick to your goals since you’re bound to forget with your busy lifestyle. Your friends are there to make sure you don’t stand up your date, and to comfort you if you’re the one getting stood up


Be flexible and use the whole day

Long gone are the days where dates started at 7:00 pm. Even though there’s nothing wrong with evening dates, they aren’t always the most convenient. Being flexible with dating means that a date can happen at almost any point in the day. There’s nothing wrong with a coffee date in the morning or a lunch date on a Wednesday afternoon. The person you’re dating could be just as busy as you, so you’ll have to adapt if you’re really intent on spending time with that person. You might have to adjust the way you think about a typical date for this to work, but there’s no time like the present to try something new! 

Jordan Bennett

"You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen." - Michelle Obama