5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

The holiday season is typically a  time for celebration but, what do you do when the world around you is wrapped in red and green, and you’re feeling blue? Although it’s possible for depression to develop during any time of the year, the stress and anxiety of the holiday season may cause even those who are usually content to experience feelings of lonely and unhappiness.  So, here are five helpful tips to fight off your holiday blues:

Practice Portion Control
Overindulging has become as much of a  holiday tradition as opening gifts, but spare yourself the post-binge guilt by practicing some restraint this holiday season. Instead of having three pieces of your favorite opt for one, you’ll find that you won’t feel as sluggish or guilty afterward.

Cut Back On Commitment
The holidays are almost always accompanied by holiday gatherings, some of which we’d rather not attend so keep in mind that it’s always okay to say no! If you find yourself feeling burnt-out or overwhelmed sit this one out and take some time to recuperate.

Just Ask
If you find yourself scrambling to run last minute errands or struggling to get all the presents wrapped in time avoid stress by enlisting the help of your family and friends. Making the holidays special is a job too big for one person. Even Santa has his elves!

Forget Perfection
From finding the perfect gifts and decor to planning the ideal dinner party, the expectation of perfection during the holidays can become overbearing. So, instead of striving for perfection,  prioritize creating an environment to enjoy your time with your those around you!

Remember the Reason for the Season
The focus of the holidays shouldn’t presents, but the financial burden the holiday season brings can make it easy to lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays. Avoid financial stress by taking the DIY route for your gifts this year, but ultimately be sure make time for the ones you love most because that is the gift of all!

So, if you start to feel down try not to chastise yourself for how you feel. The “holiday blues” are much more common than you think.  So you shouldn’t consider your self yourself a Scrooge, remember our tips and your holiday season is sure to cheerful!

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