5 Ways to Help Your Mental Health During A Global Uproar

The maintenance of one’s mental health continues to get more and more difficult as the weeks pass by. Black men are still being gunned down and black women remain unprotected. It’s almost impossible to “unplug” from any of the happenings in the world. Mental health needs to be sustained by more than a trendy morning routine, or retail therapy. 

It’s time to find outlets. Time to channel activities that will ultimately help us tune into our higher and most prominent selves. Now is the time to work towards feeling uplifted and inspired, as well as uplifting and inspiring the community in return. Here’s how five simple hobbies can make these feelings come to fruition, even during a global uproar.

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Express yourself through art, even if you’re not an artist

One of the easiest ways to express your thoughts, connect with your mind, and possibly even find new talent is through art. Through every stroke of the paintbrush or pencil, you can almost feel the stress rolling right off like a bead of sweat. 

If the matters of the world are bearing on your heart too heavy, find ways to talk about it through art in a way that can be displayed as uplifting inside of your home. Grab some canvas’, brushes and some paint, call the girls over and relieve the stress together. This hobby is great to do submerged in the energy of those you love. Best of all, you’ll end up creating some really unique pieces to display in your home. 

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Breathe in the light of the world through planting back into it. 

Gardening not only benefits the gardener but also the world and air quality of your home. In turn, better air quality creates a better environment for your mental health to be leveled. Aside from the health benefits, putting life back into the world only gives you life right back. 

From sowing the seed to watering it every day. Gardening can allow you to dive into something other than your handheld device. Watching something grow before our eyes is more exciting than it may appear on paper. Becoming a plant parent is one of the easiest ways to feel as though you are giving back to the universe. You would be surprised how at ease your mind feels while tending to your garden every day. 

Create a space that allows you to be sharp mentally

When hearing “home decor”, people tend to shy away and say they don’t have the means or time to get their home how they truly want it. Just like any relationship, some things take time; most require time and money. The joy of home decor is being able to not only put in the time but take your time as well. 

Your interior doesn’t have to impress every soul that enters your home. Start looking at home decor as an opportunity to create a space that speaks to you or that you love. Start small, even if it means doing your bathroom or bedroom only in the beginning, and then gradually focusing on other parts of the home. 

The point of indulging in home decor isn’t to spend all of your money on new furniture and nick-nacks. It’s about allowing yourself to take your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and express it through the vibes you choose to exude. You can even take what you already have and rearrange. Clearing a space that has been one way for so long, will un-cloud not only your mind but your chest. No literally, it’ll almost be like you can even breathe a bit easier. 

Courtesy of pexels.com

Food for comfort

Want to really gain a grip on your mental health? Pour into new recipes by cooking and baking. Cooking and baking can be a hobby or a full career. In no way does taking up cooking and baking mean you have to go out and buy all new appliances. 

Browse the recipes on Pinterest and try making fun and new foods for family and friends. Focusing on filling others with joy will, in turn, bring joy back into your life. Perfect your favorite recipe, or spend your days attempting to make your dish taste like grandmas.

Regardless, there is joy, entertainment, and even distraction in this. If you let it, cooking and baking can even help therapeutically. 

iPhones can take quality pics too

Okay, but seriously, get up, get dressed, and take some photos! DIY photoshoots can end in some really great quality if you give it even an ounce of effort. Or, even step it up a notch and recreate some of your favorite inspiration shoots. Use it as a moment to have fun, let go, and release anything that may be bottled up. Your mental health will thank you later and you’ll have some fire pictures to show for it. 

So basically, these hobbies can serve you much deeper than you’re allowing

We now realize that there’s a need for a change in perspective. You can channel your inner self to help release whatever you need for the betterment of your mental health. To achieve this, we simply pour ourselves into these activities that also act as highly beneficial hobbies. 

Remember, pouring into yourself and your mental health isn’t selfish during these times. It’s keeping you prepared to go back and fight another day until everyone knows that, Black Lives Matter.