6 Best Tools for Every Millennial and Gen-Z Freelancer

Being a freelancer often means you are a one-person business, which means you are responsible for everything. You will not only be writing, or designing, or coding; you’ll also be solely responsible for managing expenses, handling taxes, finding new clients, creating and signing contracts, sending invoices, and much more. Now, this seems a lot to handle for one person. However, the good news is that countless tools exist in the market place to help you handle different aspects of your freelance business. Let’s look at some of the top tools for freelancing.

Project Management Tools

Whether you are working alone or as a team, you need to stay organized with your work to be able to thrive as a freelancer. Here are top project management tools to help you out.

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Asana is the perfect productivity tool for people working in teams. This tool organizes your group’s conversations and projects in one easy-access area, preventing you from wasting so much time with multiple emails.

Asana bolsters better communication, boosts efficiency, keeps teams on track, and increases productivity, all thanks to its no-inbox feature.


Trello is another collaboration favorite. It offers a free, flexible, and very simple way to organize your tasks. You can use it alone or with a client. This free online collaboration platform is organized by cards, lists, and boards. It allows you to attach images, files, and more to each card and also add people for collaboration.

Time Management Tools

As a freelancer, time is of the essence to you if you really want to grow your freelance business. Here are some tools to help you manage your time well.

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This time-tracking tool allows you to keep tabs on the time you spend on a task, and even see how closer you are to burning up your client’s allocated budget. It also has a free iPhone application.


Toggl is a popular time-tracking tool with a free option and operates well for everyone including individuals and large teams. So, whether you want to know how long you’ll take to perform a certain task, or your client charges you per hour, Toggl will help you track your time.

Security Tools


Being a freelancer means you will be spending most of your time online. This also means you are highly exposed to cyber risks like hacking. You need to protect your device every time you are online. What’s more, freelancers often use public Wi-Fi, which exposes them to cyber threats such as MITM attacks. A secure VPN app can encrypt your connection and make sure hackers see nothing but unreadable content.

Also, being a freelancer means you have the privilege of working while traveling. A VPN can connect you to a server of your choice and guarantee you access to the services you need.

Taking Your Career to the Next Level

To scale higher in your freelancing career, you need tools that can help you organize your work, plan your time, and keep your security intact. Choose appropriate tools according to whatever you are doing and take your freelance business to the next level.

Submission was written by Julie Hughes @TurnOnVPN