New Eats: Atlanta’s 640 West Presents its New Hot Vegan Breakfast

As Atlanta continues to grow and introduce new establishments and businesses, we see more and more vegan restaurants popping up. I love to experience new vegan dishes and vegan spots, so I was pleased when I found a new vegan, coffee spot right in the middle of Atlanta’s Historic West End.

I had the pleasure of dining at UniTea & Coffee. This coffee shop is a beacon for the coffee shop lovers, but you can also come to network over nutritious food and host events. I’m not a coffee maven, but I do enjoy food. I was very confused about what to order, but Rayyah Ma’at assisted me right away. They have a short, but delicious menu of five items; she suggested I get the McVegan. I was so excited because I was given the last McVegan for the day as well. The McVegan was delectable, served on an English muffin with faux bacon, cheese, and egg, topped with avocado and kale. Let’s take a moment of silence for the first bite.


Photo courtesy of UniTEA and Coffee at 640 West

Have you ever tasted vegan eggs?! The eggs were light and fluffy like I love, the bacon was similar to prosciutto to me, with a good amount of saltiness. There was no crunch but the kale made up for the crunch I needed. This combination was perfect and definitely a must-try when you go visit! Other Hot Vegan items on the menu include Fiesta Breakfast Burrito, Avocado Toast, Indigenous Grains, and an Acai/Coconut Yogurt Bowl. For beverage choices, you can choose from Africano, lattes, smoothies, and free drip coffee, all provided with vegan sugar and creamer. Take a trip to the West End for your new, favorite coffee cafe, and get there early before they sell-out of food for the day!

Written by: Faith Mallory