7 Black Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

If you are looking for a good business to invest your money into this season, then you’ve come to the right place. Atlanta is the Mecca for black and brown creatives looking to spread their talent across the city. Black business is huge in this city and it’s so important for us as people with a lot of buying power to pour into something valuable. We’ve researched seven very different businesses that you can support this season and even dropped a link below for over 20 other companies!

photo via sluttyveganatl.com

Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan took Atlanta by storm in the past year. With people wrapping the entire block for this burger, it’s no question that it’s worth the wait. Pinky Cole is the founder and has been making us want to shout with these completely vegan burgers packed with flavor since the Summer of 2018. The local grub was a ghost restaurant, but Slutty Vegan is now permanently placed in the West End. Cole continues to innovate and make vegan food look AND taste good. If you haven’t waited in that line yet, then what are you waiting for? Go check them out today!

black business
Photo via Iwi Fresh Produce Market

Iwi Fresh

If you’re like me, then you had no idea this gem existed and wish you knew sooner. Iwi Fresh is a black-owned, full-service day spa and official skincare line as well. Don’t believe it works? Ask Kelly Rowland, she stamped this line as a regular in her skincare routine! Iwi Fresh offers everything from veggie facials to herbal massages. Its the perfect place to host your friends for a day of self-care. I would LOVE for someone to invite me here for a quick spa getaway! Check out Iwi for a local, hip, and green-black business.


If you live for reality tv like myself, then you’ve definitely heard of the Pressed store right here in Atlanta. Rasheeda is an artist, reality star, and business owner with Pressed locations in Atlanta, and Houston, so far. The high fashion boutique gives us consistent looks that can be worn from church to brunch, then the club next weekend. She also has her own cosmetic line, guaranteed to make any outfit pop. Rasheeda is very hands-on with her brand as you can often find her in the store ready to post up for the gram. Stop by Phipps Plaza for the holiday and find the perfect gift for yourself or your friends!

black business
Photo via City of Ink Tattoo Shop (Edgewood)

City of Ink

City of Ink is a black-owned business in the heart of Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward District. This tattoo shop hosts several artists perfecting their craft on customers who love ink. These artists pride themselves on clean lines and bold colors. Each tattoo artist specializes in different things, so you will find someone to make your vision pop. The shop continues to attract new and loyal customers wanting to bring their ideas to life even after its inception over ten years ago. We all know our dream tattoos can be a little pricey, so why not invest in some talented artists that will perfect your ideas to the tee?

That’s a Wrap!

This has to be one of the most unique businesses in the city to date. Mia Canada founded the gift design company That’s a Wrap! in 2006. She evolved her talents from designing stationery and event coordination to gift design with elegant embellishments. The shop has gained notoriety on several news outlets as well as major motion pictures. Not only does Canada specialize in the prettiest gifts, but she also creates balloon bouquets for every occasion. You’ve never seen balloons styled in every possible way unless you’ve seen them done by Mia Canada; the possibilities are endless. This is the perfect season to stop by That’s a Wrap! to go the extra mile for those special Christmas gifts.

Too Groovy Salon

Too Groovy is an essential business in the Atlanta area. With a lot of women embracing their natural hair, it’s important to maintain it with learned techniques from stylists. Robin Groover founded this salon in 2003, and it’s been pulling in natural customers for over 15 years. Too Groovy is a health-conscious salon with reasonable prices starting at just $20! If you know Atlanta, then you know that this kind of deal is hard to come by for a good hair slay. The shop offers products for you to take care of your hair at home as well. The family Christmas pictures and postcards are coming up, so here is your chance to look your best for a low cost! Support this black business and get your hair right for the occasion.

black business
Photo via ShoppeBlack.us (Gymnetics Fitness)

Gymnetics Fitness

There’s so much to say about Gymnetics Fitness, but what I will stress is that if you want a summer body in 2020, you should be seeing the Ectors. This mother-daughter black business has been featured on major platforms from the Steve Harvey Show, Ebony magazine, and the Rachel show in the morning. The duo founded their private fitness studio in 2010 and have been transforming lives ever since. They specialize in group and personal training and even go on tours nationally. With over 25 years of experience, Ellen and Lana Ector work effortlessly to help men and women achieve their fitness goals. We all know, those Christmas and Thanksgiving meals may still linger sometime after. Check out Gymnetics Fitness and get your body right in these cold months!

If you’re looking for more ways to support business from people of color, then you don’t have to look far. Atlanta is the hub for black creatives putting their minds together to make magic. There may be people close to you wanting to create a business as well. Support them by liking, reposting, or simply buying a product. It will mean the world. Check out more black businesses here and change your life forever!