7 Black-Owned Wellness and Lifestyle Brands You Need in Your Daily Routine

Everyone talks about investing in our mental health and taking our self-care routines seriously, but how exactly do we create a healthier lifestyle? Yes, treating ourselves makes us feel good, but there are more ways to elevate the experience. It’s time to expand your wellness routine and modify your healthy lifestyle habits, and we’re starting with adding black-owned businesses to your list. Supporting black businesses isn’t just a hashtag, but a movement that needs your support to keep the momentum alive. 

Made for us, by us, here are seven wellness and lifestyle brands that, while supporting them, will ultimately provide support and a safe space mentally, emotionally and physically. 


The Primary Movement 

Created by entrepreneur, Diamond Bradley, The Primary Movement serves as a safe space for black artists and creatives in Atlanta, GA. Bradley curates events where young black minds can gather together and be heard, healed, and uplifted through their stories and the common fight for black equality. You can catch events with Diamond throughout the city from chalking, yoga, and meditation. 

Black Girl Magik 

A global support system based in Brooklyn, New York, Shydeia Caldwell is using her power to celebrate black sisterhood. While hosting intimate gatherings for women alike to speak their souls with no judgment, Caldwell focuses on mental health and self-acceptance issues. Although the recent events of the pandemic have put a hold on these gatherings, Caldwell is still working at reaching women everywhere and hearing their voices. 

Healing Through Vibes


Alexandra Winbush

The rose that grew from concrete, Brittany Winbush is who we can blame for the trend that is Light, Sip, Play. This New York-based candle company provides all the vibes from unforgettably scented candles to playlists that match with different tea combos she provides. Did we mention it’s Issa Rae approved? Don’t sit too long thinking of your purchase, this brand typically sells out fast and doesn’t restock for months. 



Highbrow Hippie

From luxurious beauty and home goods to health and wellness, this blog is all about living consciously and with full awareness of one’s life. Highbrow Hippie provides influence to those who may be seeking more of themselves and the world around them. Owners Kadi Lee, a celebrity Hollywood hair colorist, and non-toxic salon owner, Myka Harris, hosts in-person meditations, yoga, beauty treatments and gatherings through The Atelier. The Atelier is an extension of their blog’s brand. Luckily, after three months of being closed due to COVID-19, they are finally taking appointments again at their location. 

Wellness begins with the space you live in


Wildfang Home

Looking to set yourself apart with amazing and unique home decor pieces? Hana Nagel from Montreal is giving all the vibes. Known for her amazing giveaways, you can find vintage pieces from her collections that are certain to have your guests wonder where you shopped from. A beautiful home is indeed a major key to one’s wellness and lifestyle. 

The Honey Pot Co

This is not only black-owned but the first-ever plant-based feminine care line. Founded by Beatrice Dixon, you can find everything from bath bombs, creams, tampons, pads, wipes, natural cleaners and so much more. The buzz around this brand has vibrated through the country, landing Dixon’s brand in Target, Walmart, and more. 


This Brooklyn-based cafe doesn’t stop there. Due to COVID-19, HealHaus has had the opportunity to virtually focus on holistic wellness through meditation and yoga. Apart from booking classes, their online shop provides handcrafted tea and smoothie blends to brighten anyone’s day. 

Invest in yourself and your community

Altogether, these brands have the same idea in mind. That is to heal, nurture and provide for the black community. Not only should you open your wallet, but invest in yourself through these brands, while also investing back in your community.