7 Life Lessons Nipsey Hussle Taught Us

Ermias Asghedom, who was better known as Nipsey Hussle, was a self-made rapper out of Los Angeles, California. Due to his untimely passing, his legacy has been brought to light and has been very prevalent in the media. Nipsey was a man of the community, an entrepreneur, and most importantly beloved family man. We can all learn from his legacy and life story. Here are seven things the life of Nipsey Hussle taught us.

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Never forget your community

Nipsey Hussle grew up in Crenshaw, California and fell in love with the community. After blowing up in the music industry, Nipsey made it his initiative to take care of that area. He made sure to put the money he made from his career and businesses back into helping the youth and taking care of low-income families.

Never forget your roots

As a proud Eritrean, Nipsey often spoke about the pride and love he had for his country in interviews and press conferences. This made him an idol in the Eritrean American community. Even though he was only half, he held the country and its culture close to his heart.

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Never stop hustling

Nipsey got ahead of the rap game early by knowing music wasn’t enough. He knew early on to invest and have multiple sources of income to make an impact in the communities he cared for. He owned numerous businesses and grew himself to a businessman, elevating from just a rapper. Nipsey owned real estate, tech programs, and collaborative workspaces such as Vector 90.

Make connections everywhere

From artists like J. Cole to entrepreneurs like Gary V, just about every celebrity has crossed paths with Nipsey Hussle and they all held him in high esteem. Everywhere he went, he made sure to positively impact a person with his big heart and warm personality. This guaranteed excellent business relations and friendships everywhere he went.

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True love does exist

In today’s generation, there’s always talk about relationship goals. However, everyone could tell the love between Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London wasn’t anything ordinary. They complemented each other in every way, wherever they went, and respected each other in the same manner. This was a soulmate union that found each other during this life for all to see. In their last interview together for GQ magazine, Nipsey and Lauren talked about their decision of having their son, Kross, being the hardest Lauren had to make because of her career. “I didn’t put any pressure on her for whatever decision she wanted to make,” Nipsey said to GQ. “I learned then that what she believes in, she really believes in.” “Do I choose my soul or myself?” Lauren said. “I went with my soul.”

Live life with love

In life, Nipsey always acted with a tremendous amount of love. When he met fans he would greet them with open arms, not behind his security. He would treat others with respect regardless of their status. Unlike some other celebrities, he never acted with a sense of superiority and treated everyone around him with mutual love and deference.

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Envision a better tomorrow

As Nipsey grew in Hip Hop music, he donated a majority of his time and money to charity. He always looked towards the bigger picture. Marathon Clothing, his clothing store he was shot in front of, is a part of a strip mall that Nipsey just recently bought. He intended to redevelop it as a mixed-use property with a focus on low-income housing and for those who aren’t able to get jobs because of issues with the law. However, with the strength of his family and everyone who loved him, his plans will not be forgotten. All who knew him vowed to keep the work he was doing going in his name. As Nipsey Hussle is laid to rest, we remember the phrase he always said and lived by, “The Marathon Continues”.

Written by: Brandon Ogbu

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