7 Millennial Fashion Designers You Should Know

The rise in diverse designers has been a special treat to watch unwrap. Fashion has not always been welcoming to individuals that do not fit the classic mold–and this has kept the industry stagnant for decades. However, we are at a turning point where younger designers have a chance at becoming one of the fashion greats. A chance at making a living off of the work they love. Supporting these young designers is not only how you stay ahead of the curve, it is also how you actively participate in changing fashion. This small change allows other designers to take their next step. The domino effect afterward is how we make the fashion industry look like the melting pot of creatives it should be. 

Finding new designers to support can be hard. It is even harder to find designers that are changing the trajectory of the fashion world. However, there are a few that we are paying attention to. Here’s a list of seven millennial designers that you may not know, but need to.


Tia Adeola by Tia Adeola

Introduced as Slashed by Tia, in 2019, Tia Adeola was a part of the Teen Vogue NYFW Mentorship alongside Anifa Mavuemba, better known for her brand Hanifa. Since then, Adeola has blazed a path for young black designers. Seen on celebrities like Sza, Ari Lennox, and Young Miami, Adeolas’s interpretation of the Renaissance period has presented us with romantic designs that offer a young twist. You can now see her clothes on site www.tiaadeola.com 

Mowalola by Mowalola Ogunlesi

You may have recently seen her name in the news. In 2020, she was called by Kanye West to be the Design Director of GAP + Yeezy. Ogunlesi is known for her design work with PVC and leather. Her brand, Mowalola, offers a look into the nightlife of London. This young designer creates alternative streetwear we have never seen before. You may have also seen her pieces on Kim Kardashian West. Her collections always sell out fast, however, some of her pieces can still be found on wwww.mowalola.com

Dionne by Tdionne by Tdionne

What started as a brand selling swimwear and bodysuits, Dionne soon grew into a  brand that has set a standard for the main small fashion businesses. Via Instagram, they have grown into a successful business without having an NYFW apperance. Dionne by Tdionne is simply trendy clothes that every girl wants. Their pieces speak on the new luxury we all see on social media. One of our favorite pieces is the innovative puffer coats. Catch their pieces on wwww.dionnebytdionne.com

Nicole Zizi by Nicole Zizi

Sustainable and Streetwear in one brand sounds like something unachievable, but Nicole Zizi has perfected it. Nicole Zizi is a minimalistic brand that offers you something other streetwear brands do not. Garments that are ethically made. Each piece is timeless, long-lasting, and kind to the environment. Creating a capsule wardrobe is made easy by Nicole Zizi. From your everyday sweatsuit to a jean jacket, you’ll definitely find something you like on www.nicolezizi.com.

Richard and Grace by Joshua Allen

Chaos is the theme. Richard and Grace is an Avante Grade brand that represents the “expression of chaos”. This brand has flown underneath the radar, however, their designs deserve to be in the spotlight. In his latest collection, Beaumount, Allen pays homage to his home state Texas. Check out the Beaumont sweatshirts at wwww.richardandgrace.com

Shelia Rashid by Shelia Rashid

Unisex clothing is something that has grown into a consistent trend. However, brands like Shelia Rashid have been doing the work for the unisex category of clothing for years. Each piece is made to order and focuses on simplicity. Chance the Rapper is known to be seen in her overalls. Check out some of our work on www.sheliarashid.com

Jimelle Levon by Jimelle Levon

Some of your favorite artists probably have a custom Jimelle Levon piece. This designer has yet to drop another collection for his brand but has created custom looks for people like Keyshia Cole to Megan the Stallion. Keep up with Levon by following him on Instagram and Twitter.

Millennial designers are the new fashion names moving forward. These designers are paving a new way by simply being their authentic selves. It makes us all wonder: Why didn’t the fashion industry let them in earlier?