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7 TV Shows That Don’t Need A Reboot

With all of the nostalgia going around, you’re probably thinking of all of your favorite shows that you think should get a reboot. However, some shows are just too good for a reboot and should be left alone. Some shows were perfect just the way they were, and honestly wouldn’t even fit in today’s culture. Here are seven shows that DON’T need a reboot.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

With the culture wanting a reboot of the show after a recent, fan-made dramatic version of the show surfacing, there are just some irreplaceable reasons it wouldn’t work. With reboots, you would want the original cast to come back. But if the original cast isn’t used, it usually doesn’t meet fan expectations. James Avery (Uncle Phil) died in 2013 and without him, Fresh Prince wouldn’t be the same for a reboot. Avery and Will’s on-screen relationship were the glue to the show.

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Family Matter

Family Matters was also an iconic 90s television show. It had a long run from 1989 to 1998. Rebooting with the cast would mean bringing back the iconic Steve Urkel, who we all love, but the actors have simply outgrown the beloved characters. Jaleel White said he wanted to be known for other things, and without the original Urkel, the reboot wouldn’t be right.

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Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell was a classic. It also had a couple of spin-offs and an unauthorized television movie. It’s a great family friendly show that tackled a lot of issues that kids in that era had to deal with in high school but in a fun family-friendly way. In today’s culture, everything is more gritty and there is a wide variety of high school shows that touch on issues but in a much relatable way. It wouldn’t have a place in today’s climate, along with seeing some of the actors have moved on to do other gigs.

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Lizzie McGuire

There have been talks in the Twitterverse that there needs to be a Lizzie Mcguire reboot since the That’s so Raven reboot is doing so well. Lizzie Mcguire was based on middle schoolers dealing with everyday life and to bring it back with the original cast, they would probably have to focus it on her kids. However, Hilary Duff, who played Lizzie McGuire, currently has her own show and the other actors have stayed out of the spotlight.


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Compared to shows like Sex in the City, Girlfriends focused on friendships and black culture, as well as showcasing a wide variety of black women of all shades and careers. We don’t need a reboot because this show was needed during that time. Since the show ended, star actress Tracee Ellis Ross has moved on to another hit show, Black-ish. We have shows that focus on black female friendship and instead of a reboot, new original ideas are needed.

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The hit show, Friends, built a cult following and fans freaked out when they thought that Netflix was getting rid of the show.  A reboot wouldn’t work with the original cast in today’s culture. You would need to make the main characters and location to be more diversified. However, without the original cast, fans would protest.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

There doesn’t need to be a reboot of Buffy simply because this was the beginning of vampire shows and movies, and nothing can touch an original. Bringing back the show would mean an entirely new cast and storyline because of the 20-year gap. It could work with the right cast and director, but honestly, we don’t need it.

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