7 Fashion Trends From The ’90s That Are Still in Style

When it comes to trends and fashion, everything comes back full circle. It’s completely normal to see a style that was popular decades ago makes its way back into circulation. The 1990s were filled with crazy colors and prints, big jewelry and even bigger clothing. While some trends have slowly faded away, these top seven trends still remain a huge part of the fashion industry and the black culture in general.

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Who doesn’t love a good pair of overalls? This one-piece denim outfit was a ’90s staple! Worn with both straps, or just on one shoulder with a graphic tee. Now, brands have come out with more stylish and fitted overalls to keep this ’90s trend in style.

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Box Braids

Box Braids have been around for a long time and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. The versatility of this hairstyle has made it a go-to for many black women. Box Braids are not only a popular trend but it’s an easy hairstyle to protect and grow your hair without it being manipulated.

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Crop Tops

So, technically, crop tops were popular before the ’90s but as I mentioned before, trends come back full circle. Crop tops became even more popular during the ’90s era. Crop tops and denim was the staple outfit and has continued to come back around every summer since. Solid colors, stripes, graphic tees, sports tees, you name it! Anything of these types of t-shirts can be cut into a crop top.


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Matching Sets

Nothing says the ’90s like a matching outfit with coordinating accessories, am I right? Matching top and bottom sets were huge in both men and women clothing. From summer crop top and skirts to matching tracksuits in professional sports and velour sets in music videos; everyone had a matching set.

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Loose Fitting Suits

A red carpet look doesn’t have to always mean a dress! Baggy suits were all the rage for men in the ’90s but women are still rocking the cute and comfy look today, with more style of course.

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Big Jewelry

The bigger, the better! Large, flashy jewelry is still as eye-catching as ever before. Layered gold jewelry went with any outfit, any time of day, and will probably be a huge part of the culture for a long time.

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Turtle Neck/Necklace Combo

Nothing beats this classic clean-cut combo. It doesn’t take much to pull off this simple look and yet there’s something about it that feels so refined & elegant. Add a tan-colored coat and Chelsea boots to complete the look for an easy fall outfit.


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