4 Apps That Can Help You Save and Make Money

Whether you’re a struggling college student or starting a new business venture, everyone could use a few extra dollars. Saving and making money can be a lot easier than it seems. Most people don’t realize that companies will pay you simply because you have a smartphone!  They might pay you to play games, walk around, review certain products or restaurants, or even doing nothing at all. There are tons of apps out there that claim they can help you save, but these four are guaranteed to help you keep money in your pocket. 


The acorns app allows you to round up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar. For example, if your Starbucks total is $5.67, you’ll pay a total of $6.00. Acorns will then take the remaining $0.33 and store it in a savings account for you. Once you accumulate $5.00 in round-ups you can either invest the money in one of the many stocks available on the app, or you can continue to save your money and withdraw it at any time. Sign up with this link to get a free $5.00 to start your savings!


With stash, you can invest in the things you really care about. Create a portfolio with investments in specific companies, your interests, or your beliefs. The “Do the Right Thing” group includes businesses that put an emphasis on being socially and environmentally responsible. Chipotle, Netflix, and Paypal are just a few of the companies you can choose to invest in. Stash makes investing easy to understand and like Acorns, has a debit card option that allows you to invest the money collected from purchase round-ups. Sign up here for an extra $5.00 to get you started! 


Sweatcoins pays you to walk around. No really, that’s it! The more steps you take throughout the day, the more coins you collect. You can use the coins to purchase anything from the Sweatcoins marketplace. If you’re in it for the long hall, save up your coins and get $1,000 sent to your PayPal account, an iPhone X, or a 55 inch TV! 

Cash App

From the creators of Square, the Cash App has generated over seven million users. Cash App works like a digital debit card although you can order a physical card as well. On the app, a user can activate certain boosts that give discounts on purchases! Partnering business includes Chipotle, Lyft, Whole Foods, and Chick-fil-A. Want a free $5.00 sign up here!


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