5 Artists Who Need a NPR Tiny Desk Feature

NPR’s Tiny Desk feature is as the name insists. It’s a concert in a small studio displayed as a tiny desk. Now that may seem a bit mundane, but Tiny Desk has had features with sensational artists like Chance the Rapper, Erykah Badu, Mac Miller, and Zaytoven. What makes the feature so phenomenal is the intimacy the studio creates. When an artist is in a small space with their personally selected band and backup singers, they create an impeccably melodic sound. The best Tiny Desk concerts have been artists that have a slower sound. Here are 5 underrated artists with slow beautiful sounds that need an NPR Tiny Desk feature.


photo via @masego on twitter

Masego is the definition of a youth with an old soul. His sound resembles that of an old jazz artist with a spin of modern tempo that he likes to call trap house jazz. He serenades his fans with a slow but rhythmic melody. Masego also plays the saxophone, drums, keyboard, and can also create a beat right on the spot. With his first studio album being released back in September 2018, his sound and popularity have definitely grown. Rumor has it that he does, in fact, have a tiny desk feature coming out this year.

Arin Ray


via arinraymusic.com

This Los Angeles artist won the heart of his fans after his debut in X-Factor back in 2012. He contributes a beautiful harmonious tune to his music that has fans begging for more. Arin Ray struggled to find his voice after doing the X-factor, so he started writing for other artists like Chris Brown, Rihanna, John Legend, Jeremih, and many more. After finally gaining confidence to create his own music, Ray has crafted a polished body of work in his debut album, “Platinum Fire”.

Juice WRLD


via rollingstone.com

Juice WRLD has been shaking up the music industry with his unique sound.  With some help from auto-tune, he resonates like he’s depressed but also full of life at the same time. This 2019 XXL freshman has a lot in store for fans and an NPR tiny desk feature could just be the tip of the iceberg.


via bbc.co.uk

This English singer, songwriter, and actress has definitely created a buzz and has people wondering who she is. Mahalia has released her debut album, “Diary of Me” back in 2016.  Since then, there has been a list of singles released, but fans are anticipating more from her. However, her relatable alt-R&B and love songs offer therapeutic healing with every listen and is definitely worth the wait.

Pink Sweat$

photo via djbooth.com

Here is another new artist that is taking the music industry by storm. Pink Sweat$ isn’t like most R&B artists. From an interview with Rolling Stone he explains, “I’m not trying to be different — I am different,” Pink Sweat$ says. “I never talk about sex in an explicit way; that’s intentional. I never degrade women; that’s intentional. I don’t have a [fancy] haircut. I wear pink. That’s not typical for the history of R&B.” With two EP’s in his vault, he’s destined to be something great in the industry.

Written by: Brandon Ogbu


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