Asha, Thailand: Leaving Everything I Know, for the Unknown

Meet guest blogger Asha Williams. Asha is a Spring 2018 English graduate of Georgia State University who decided to teach abroad in Thailand while she studies for the LSAT. Choosing to live across the world is a major decision and Asha shares her mental stae during the early stages of her life changing decision. Read on: 
I’ll never forget my thought process leading me to Thailand. It started freshman year at Georgia State University outside of my math class in Langdale. There was a flyer on the bulletin board about teaching English abroad. A spark lit in my head that never died. At that moment my journey started.
That same semester other events occurred leading me to change my major from Journalism to English. I kept finding myself around lawyers who talked with me very candidly. All of them majored in English during their undergrad. The universe placed numerous signs in my life. I listened to them all.
I decided freshman year that after graduation I wanted to take time and teach English in another country, while there I would study for the LSAT and prepare for law school. I didn’t know where I wanted to teach, but I knew I wanted to be somewhere that had a beach. Period. I still had four years ahead of me; I had faith the rest would fall into place. And boy, did it.
God bless my professors who assigned projects based on researching what I wanted to do after graduation. Those assignments helped me get my shit together. They forced me to sit and research my goals. I learned about the certification I needed to apply for teaching jobs overseas. I read testimonials specifically from Black women who had gone abroad to teach. I looked up different law schools and began learning how to prepare for the LSAT. Without those assignments, I would’ve probably been behind the curve and not prepared to teach so swiftly after graduation.
I’ll admit, I walked the line of enjoying college too much and keeping my shit together closely. I was very active and almost always worked a job, so I didn’t always give my future enough attention. That’s why my faith in manifestation is so strong today. I envisioned teaching abroad. I prayed on it. I spoke it into existence. Because there’s no way, I’m this lucky and things just so happen to fall into place perfectly. God/ the Universe helped bring my dreams into fruition.
You know that annoying question everyone asks you in college, especially in your senior year: “What are your plans for after graduation?” I hated the question, but I perfected my answer. “My goal is to teach abroad after graduation. While abroad I plan on studying for the LSAT. Then God willing I’ll come back to attend Law School.” I always received positive feedback, even though I’ll admit a majority of the time I didn’t have confidence in myself. I wasn’t always sure I could achieve these goals. I had no plan, I didn’t personally know anyone who’d ever taught abroad, and I questioned if I was smart enough for law school.
Regardless, the same question kept coming, and my answer never changed. I always put in an effort to speak with humility, because I knew my dreams were big. Sometimes a voice in my head would tell me I sounded insane. I didn’t feel convinced I had it in me to leave everything I’ve known for the unknown.
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