Best Spring Sunglasses for Men and Women

It’s Springtime! There’s plenty of things to love. For one, it’s time to start wearing less and going out more. The downside to that is… the sun. It can be hard to enjoy very important things like “golden hour” because the rays can be very harsh.  Squinting isn’t how anyone wants to capture a picture of a perfect Spring day. Wearing a pair of sunglasses can solve that problem, but it leads to another: which sunglass? There are many types of sunglasses; each with a different style and design. Here are some of the best sunglasses for this Spring that can be worn to capture a unique style.

Aviators Classics


As the name presumes, these offer a very classic frame. It’s very indescribable to explain how these sunglasses can go with every outfit. It gives a very refined appearance that makes one look subtly elegant. It’s a timeless piece that is a must-have for everyone.



These are another timeless piece. If Aviator frames are a bit too thin, try some Wayfarers. This has a thicker frame and a more “boxier” shape. Unlike Aviator’s these aren’t the “showing out” sunglasses. They are more for the ordinary day out, accompanied with a simple outfit.



Round sunglasses are a modern fashion statement. If there is an outfit that needs an accessory that is very vintage, these are up for the task. Both men and women have created incredible styles with these.



One of the biggest 2019 women’s trends in regards to Sunglasses. Every other pair of sunglass pales in comparison to Cat-eye shades. They bring a unique and tasteful look to any outfit. Celebrities like Cardi B bring them to life with flamboyant outfits by companies like Balenciaga.



These scream futuristic and suave! Shield sunglasses are a little more difficult to pull off, but when done right they are the icing on the cake. The Kardashians and Rihanna have created many styles that can be complemented with Shields.


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