How to Cope with Rejection

Dealing with rejection sucks, let’s just be honest. Whether in love or in life, it is not a good feeling to be denied an opportunity in life or a relationship with someone you thought were the one. Rejection is a feeling that is often misinterpreted. Many studies have found that people who get rejected feel jealous, anxious and lonely. This forces them to view the rejection as an indication of their self-worth, leading to even more loneliness and anxiousness.

On the contrary, rejection can also be a blessing in disguise. Maybe that relationship just wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes in those moments of rejection, a greater ‘you’ is being built; a stronger, wiser and more resilient ‘you’. If dealt with the correct way, rejection can help you grow as a person & allow you to apply the lessons you learned from that relationship to any future setbacks you may encounter.

Nowadays, social media is considered to be a reason people experience feelings of jealousy and loneliness. When someone is constantly looking at the glamorous lives (because who really shows the bad parts about their lives on social media) of others, they will eventually begin to compare situations. Asking themselves questions like, How did they get that? or Why don’t I have that? This way of thinking will ultimately consume a person and force them to feel deprived & rejected of a life they believe they’re supposed to have.

Here are a few ways to deal with rejection in your love life, in your career, and even in some friendships.

Detox your mind.

No matter what, our happiness comes from within; what we think, we ultimately become. As human beings, we are not only affected by what happens to us but also by the filter through which we view what happens to us. Try to shift your perspective regarding the situation. Train your mind to be more optimistic, as silly as it sounds, and embrace the idea that life is flexible and that losses offer us an opportunity to grow. This way of thinking will allow you to suffer less when you experience rejection and grow more within yourself.

Find a new hobby.

You’ve been thinking about it, and now is the time to finally commit. Take your mind off of that bad break and go buy that monthly gym membership! Try those new herbs everyone is talking about! Grow your hair/beard out! Sign up for Groupon and take advantages of all the new spin, art, music and dances classes in your neighborhood! Watch those new Netflix shows and write a blog about it! This is the time where you do not, and I repeat, you do not want to lay in bed and mask in rejection. Yes, it’s okay to allow yourself to feel pain, but do not drown it.

If you are ever in a lot of pain or feel overwhelmed by emotion, seeking help is always a strong and wise idea. Usually one feels relieved when allowed to really feel and come to terms with their sadness. You may even feel cleaner about the situation and understand how to better deal with any future setbacks. As always, be kind to yourself and know that every day is a new day to do something better.


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