Pharrell Williams Launches Capsule Collection with Chanel

Over the past few years, luxury brand titans have been collabing with well-known streetwear brands in order to bring a new spin into the fashion world. Collabs such as Louis Vuitton and Supreme, and Palace and Ralph Lauren have stirred a lot of commotion and attracted new consumers. Ultimately, a new taste in fashion has been created. On April 4, 2019, Pharrell and Chanel released the anticipated Chanel x Pharrell Collection. This is the first ever Chanel collab and the first time the luxury brand has had a streetwear spin to it. With a creative mogul like Pharrell, big things are expected!



At first glance, the campaign concept catches the eyes with vibrant colors, chains, and… motorcycles?  The campaign is based on the 1988 dystopian anime, Akira. The anime focuses on the search for Akira: an anonymous force that can change the balance world. Pharrell is juxtaposing his collab to this anonymous force. In simpler words, this one of a kind collab will change the game!



The designs that Pharrell and the late Karl Lagerfeld created, play with some elements of street fashion that wouldn’t have been expected with a brand like Chanel. The collab campaign presents a playful and lively display of clothing. The colors are all bright and bubbly shades that can catch eyes from across the room. In the clothing section, there’s an assortment of hoodies, sweaters, and biker shorts that have colorful prints of “Chanel” and “Pharrell” written all over them. The accessories include reflective shield sunglasses, sturdy tote bags, and bucket hats. The shoes are the strongest aspect of the collab. They feature rainbow-colored prints with words like “Coco” and “the world is” graffitied on them. This collab with Pharrell and Chanel brings a new display of what street and high fashion brands can create when they combine their efforts.

Written by: Brandon Ogbu

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