Coworking and Coffee: 5 Coworking Spaces For the Entrepreneur on the Go

Coworking spaces are a new craze that’s taking the working world by storm. The smell of fresh coffee grounds fills the atmosphere. The room is complete with relaxing furniture and practical office pieces. As a result, budding entrepreneurs flock to these places with haste. Even those used to the corporate office flee to coworking spaces occasionally to escape the mundanity of the traditional office space.

Show arrangement of coworking space
Photo via WeWork facility coworking space

With the popularity of these spaces, we decided to give you a list of some of the best in the Atlanta area! So, what is coworking, and who prefers to occupy these spaces? Well, to make matters easy, there is no one definition for cowork. From freelancers and start-ups to small teams, these spaces allow people to come in and create their best work, either alone or through collaboration. Here are five coworking spaces in Atlanta that are perfect for your next project!

Strongbox West

Strongbox West is able to claim rank as one of the original coworking spaces in Atlanta. Surpassing the capacity for its original space, Strongbox now owns 49,000 square feet of community and working spaces! There are a host of various businesses and entrepreneurs that take pleasure in visiting this community. This community provides tools for success as well as a fun element for team building.

Atlanta Tech Village

If you’re a startup in the ATL, then this is the space for you. This office space literally transforms for accessibility and the success of its members. With whiteboards and moveable walls as well as varying amenities, Tech Village is perfect for start-ups. This community offers events catering to new projects in groups with the intention of growth and profitability. Private offices are always available with differing spaces based on the size of your team. Check out the Tech Village to get your dreams off the ground!


If you have not seen a WeWork facility as of yet, you will very soon. This coworking community has committed itself to state of the art facilities. They promote the idea of looking forward to Monday’s, so their mission is distinctive and stands out from most.  The layout of these facilities also promotes camaraderie and a general boost in morale. This increasingly popular network is the host of many networking events that provide a community feel. 

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Thrive is a space that allows you to do just that. There is beauty in the design and spacing, so it’s easy to breathe well and produce great work. They have four locations in Atlanta, Downtown Alpharetta, Downtown Milton, and Cumming, but of course, Atlanta is the most populated. If you thrive amidst productive chaos, then Atlanta is the location for you. However, if you are more productive in smaller crowds,  you would be better off at one of the other three locations. Dedicated desks, private offices, and open coworking are offered here, so it creates a collaborative space. Find some time to check out a location near you!


In the thick of the 2008 recession,  Roam served as a bustling coffee shop with readily available conference rooms. Now, this space has developed into a fully functional coworking community. Roam, still equipped with the roots of its origins, is now known for forging profitable and fruitful relationships.

Wherever you chose to cultivate your greatest projects and ideas, it is a guarantee that you will be fulfilled on great coffee and even greater collaboration.