Fashion Coffee Table Books to Gift to the Fashionista in Your Life

Every fashionista needs a collection of coffee table books. Not only for decor but for inspiration as well. Fashion coffee table books are the perfect gift for any type of fashion lover–whether she has every vintage piece of garment you can name or is an aspiring fashionista. However, picking out the perfect coffee table book could be difficult. Not only are there so many to choose from, but there are staples every girl has and needs. Tom Ford, Chanel, and Alexander Mcqueen’s fashion books are amazing and a must-have. But what about the fashion books that everyone skips over? Here are some coffee table books that you may not have known about, but every fashionista in your life should have this holiday season.

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1. Fashionable Shelby.

Published in 2014, “Fashionable Shelby” brings a lighthearted look into the fashion industry. Since its release almost six years ago, “Fashionable Shelby” has grown into a staple fashion book for all of the whimsical designers. Shelby travels to visit different fashion designers, textile dyers, stylists, models and shoe designers’ workspaces. This book is filled with glossy pages and hand-drawn questions and sketches from each designer, as well as a detailed look at their workspace and process. This is a perfect fashion book for the fashion lover who cares about the process of designers and their workspace. Also, one who isn’t afraid to attempt reading Giuseppe’s handwriting.

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2. Fashionpedia: A Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design.     

This book is originally made for designers. However, this small book holds a lot of information anyone can use. The main focus of Fashionpedia is to be the encyclopedia when it comes to fashion design, and this book accomplishes just that. There is nothing this book doesn’t touch on. From the different types of lapels to the fashion in the 1880s, it covers it all. If your fashionista ever wondered what type of collar folds down with an elongated end, this book has the answer. This is the perfect book for every stage of a fashionista’s life. It is small enough to take to meetings and it is big enough for a coffee table collection.

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3.The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion.

In fashion, black voices are left out a lot. However, Antwaun Sargent, Art Critic, and Curator made sure to share their stories when he released this must-have book. This is for fashionistas who are looking towards newness in their book collection. This book has over 15 photographers that capture clothing perfectly while hosting an essay on the role the black body plays in the fashion world. Tyler Mitchell, the youngest black photographer to be on the cover of Vogue, is featured and more.  This book was released in 2019 and has held many features in the New York Times.     

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4. Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Costume.

Most fashionistas follow the Met Gala, therefore this book is a must. Even if your fashionista doesn’t follow the Met Gala, this will give them all of the information they need for this glamorous night. Each exhibit from the 2005s Chanell to 2019 Camp has been documented in this book. Explore what celebrities wore and key pieces from each exhibit with this book. This is the perfect book for any fashionista.

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5. Prada Catwalk, Gucci Catwalk, Louis Vuitton Catwalk, Dior Catwalk.

If you are looking for another staple fashion that many people look past, this is it. Pick a well-known fashion house your fashionista loves the most and allow them to explore the wonders of its fashion seasons inside.  The years of each book range, but with each book you get a look into their runway shows. You’re able to visually track how each house has evolved. Each image jumps off the page as you turn to discover a new runway look. This book is small, but it packs a lot of knowledge. Not only is this a small stunning coffee table book, but it also is a perfect reference.

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6. Supreme Models: Iconic Black Women who Revolutionized Fashion.

Models play an essential role in everything involving fashion, yet they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. This groundbreaking book was released in 2019 and is the home of many fashion historians.  “Supreme Models” gives you a detailed look into the iconic black women that often get left behind. Tyra Banks and Naomi Campell have done amazing things, however, do you know of Joan Smalls or Jordan Dunn’s impact? This book dives into it all. Any fashionista that is into the depth of models needs this book. Not only is this book filled with deep, enticing colors, it also has interviews of each model and their career. It is truly a must-have.     

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7. Sneakers.

If you were wondering what to get your favorite streetwear fashionista. Look no further this is the book for you! One of the key parts of streetwear is a good sneaker collection. That is why any fashionista that is into sneakers needs this book. “Sneakers” is a look into the sneaker community and how it has evolved over the last couple of years. Big names such as Mr. Tink, Vigil ALboh, Alexander Wang, and Kobe Bryant are featured. Explore the minds of some of the greatest sneaker designers to date.


Fashionistas also look for inspiration in art or architecture. These two books offer a look into beautiful homes and workspaces that are sure to not only look stunning on the outside but to be a source of inspiration and appreciation for everything beautiful on the inside.                   

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Architects’ houses (30 inventive and imaginative homes architects designs and live in.)     

The Architects House is the perfect inspiration for any fashionista’s home. This coffee table book serves not only as an eye-catching cover but also an inventive inside. From beginning to end, this book is filled with unusual houses that push the design limit of any artist. Look at how these homes, play with negative space and define gravity with their structure. Architect books like this are a perfect ground to incorporate fashion and start unique designs.   

Photo Credit: ArchDaily

Life Meets Art: Inside The Homes of The Worlds Most Creative People.

If your fashionista is just getting an interest in Art, this is the book for them. “Life Meets Art” dives right into each artist and what they contributed to the art community. It is also a source of constant inspiration for any fashionista. This book gives you examples of the creative spaces of some of the most creative people. Take a peek behind the curtain and see how the artist works.  Each page is a look into the home of creatives we all know and love like Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Macqueen, and more. Through their spaces, your fashionista will not only find inspiration, but they will also find sources for their creative spaces.

Fashion coffee table books are a perfect addition to any fashionista’s life. You can go with fashion books or even books that envoy inspiration. Every book is a timeless, beautiful gift that keeps on giving. Through spicing up their home to even being a great starting topic for guests. Reading is essential and coffee table books are basically good books to read. Therefore, how could you not?