Five Makeup Artists Changing the Game With Their Artistry

Today, there are many creators on social media creating amazing content. They are showing their ingenuity and creativity through different mediums. One of those mediums is makeup. Makeup is a signature part of daily culture from the every-day look to special occasions. Makeup is breaking out into the art world not just in special effects but in hyperrealism. Here are five makeup artists that are using makeup as an art form:


(Photo Credit: Mykaila)

Mykalia aka “glambymykaila” is a self-taught makeup artist that create bold looks through color. Her bold makeup looks focus on her eyes with big wings and bold brows. Her blending techniques are glamourous and she has a Youtube channel to features her looks. 

Bri Monèt

image of a girl covered in pink body paint and makeup
(Photo Credit: Bri Monèt)

Bri Monèt aka “brimonetxo” is a makeup artist that creates full face and body looks through makeup. As a small content creator, she has a loyal fanbase that encourages her through engagement in her looks. She recently went on the Benefit Brow Search as a content creator on Patrick Starrr’s team.

Shannon Smart

(Photo Credit: Shannon Smart)

Shannon Smart aka “makeupbyshanshan” is an LA-based content creator that create colorful looks with her makeup and wigs. Her creativity is shown through her various looks from full-body paints to a quick beat. She recently collaborated with Il Makiage New York on a video campaign. 

Kaneshia Shana

(Photo Credit: Kaneshia Shana)

Kaneshia Shana aka “kaneshiashana” is a DMV-based makeup artist that made it into the Top 30 of the NYX Face Awards. Her looks are versatile in hyperrealism and cosplay style looks with a flare. She creates content on Instagram and Youtube about her life and life-changing looks. 

RJ Tulloch

(Photo Credit: RJ Tulloch)

RJ Tulloch aka “cakefacerj” is a UK based influencer that creates magic on her face through makeup. She creates complex images on her face through illusions. Her Youtube videos show her transformations from a pretty woman to a piece of art. 

All these makeup artists are amazing additions to the makeup community. They bring new ideas and versatile looks through their makeup. Not only are they bring new talent to the industry, but they should also get paid equivalent to their peers of other races. Black influencers do not get paid or chosen for campaigns like their white counterparts. A fashion influencer on Twitter named, Alice Tenise, talked about how black influencers rarely get chosen for influencer trips. 

As a brand, it is important to include diversity in your brand image while your audience is diverse. For these makeup artists, they have the influence as micro and macro-influencers to encourage their audience to buy. Their audience is majority black women and people of color. It is important to know that black people have a strong buying power to change the beauty industry. According to Nielson, Black shoppers spend money on personal care products like grooming aids ($127 million out of $889 million).

The influence of the five makeup artists in the industry is important to recognize. The influence they have shows that they are not just makeup artists but artists with another medium of creativity. Their bold style, image, and ideas is another reason why black girls rock.


Sterling Jones

Sterling is a beauty and lifestyle writer that's originally from Atlanta, GA. Background in Art History and Beauty Marketing, Sterling loves to write about the latest products, cultural trends, and lifestyle brands on her site, The Beauté Study. She can be found on all socials under @thesterlingstudy.