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Founder of Mood Paint Party Provides a New Way to Sip and Paint

Paint parties have become a huge trend over the years. Whether it’s live paintings, Paint and Sip, or Trap Painting, this fun activity can be enjoyed by all demographics. However, contemporary artist, Latavia Williams-Brown has come up with a new way to enjoy paint parties. Incorporating a mobile daiquiri truck and paint, she started Mood Paint Party.

Photo Credit: Latavia Williams Brown on Facebook

About the artist

Latavia Williams-Brown started drawing in her teen years in high school. She would draw her classmate’s favorite cartoons and write their names in block letters to sell them. She had the entrepreneur mentality from a young age. Post college, she took a break from drawing and took on a career in the medical field.

Recently, she was inspired to get back into art. Instead of drawing cartoons, she elevated her talents to painting. She hosted her first paint party in New Orleans, Louisiana for her cousin’s 21st birthday celebration. After that event, she started having vivid dreams about starting a painting business.

A Bible scripture that Latavia says consistently came up in her dream came from Proverbs 18:16: “What you were designed to be known for is your gift. God has put a gift or talent in every person that the world will make room for. It is this gift that will enable you to fulfill your vision.” She knew she had to act on the dream and bring it to reality.

Photo Credit: Latavia Williams Brown Facebook

The #MoodExperience

Mood Paint Party is a mobile painting business. They are currently in phase one, which involves curating the client’s needs. This includes creating a personal playlist for the event and providing the client with a variety of paint color options for whatever mood they’re in. Even though they are based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mood is mobile and can be booked all over the U.S.

In phase two, they are going to incorporate a mobile bar, which will include custom daiquiri drinks. Who doesn’t love a sweet drink while painting? It’s the perfect combination. Phase three of the business involves Mood Jr., which will be just for the kids. Instead of daiquiris, the kids will get custom slushies. They also partner up with local charity groups and children with special causes and needs to give them an outlet to create.

What makes Mood different from the other painting businesses you ask? First,  they are mobile, and everything is specially curated for your event. Second, the prices are affordable, and the party length is extended to your client’s needs. For example, Mood had a paint party for a woman who recently closed on her new house. The party was inspired by the celebration, and they created an Afrocentric art piece they called “Queen of Closure”.

Future Plans

Currently, this is a family-owned business, but Latavia has plans for expanding the brand. She also wants to take local high school students, who have a passion for art, and hire them to throw their own parties. This experience will allow them to grow as an artist, perfect their craft, and develop an entrepreneur mentality.

You can find MOOD on Facebook under the name MoodPaintParties and on Instagram at @moodpaintparties.

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