HBO Television Series ‘Lovecraft Country’ is Renaming the Standards on Horror

Science fiction mixed with historical fiction and horror, HBO’s “Lovecraft Country” is a new show that satisfies every viewer. It features representation, life lessons, pro-Black characters and best of all: monsters and magic. Although some viewers feel the show hits at the sore topic of racism, it fuels the show in a way you wouldn’t expect. Did we also mention Misha Green, J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele are the main producers? We’re halfway through the season, so here is why you need to catch up and add “Lovecraft County” to your list of shows to watch right now.

A Horror Show that Touches All the Bases.

The series is based on the novel written by Matt Ruff. Modernizing H.P. Lovecraft’s horror stories, “Lovecraft Country” follows the main characters, Atticus Freeman, Letitia Lewis and their family as they unravel some mysterious truths while looking for Freeman’s father. The show takes place in 1950s Chicago and the timing ties into the horror throughout the show. Within the first episode, the suspense level is intense and the viewer is left hanging on the edge of their seat while trying to make sense of everything happening. We also can’t forget Letitia Lewis’ stunning performance, played by Jurnee Smollett.

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Many of the villains in the show are white characters, which is where most of the issues occurred. These characters were racist and used their magic against the main characters. There have been many comments on this aspect of the show such as “always making white people the bad guys” when that’s not the case. A great portion of the show is historical fiction meaning some aspects of the show will pull from the chosen historical event, i.e. 1950s Jim Crow Era. You can’t deny that relatable horror mixed with generated horror isn’t genius. The show also uses history to unravel many of the mysteries Freeman and Lewis must solve.

The Best Example of Representation on the Screen.

As the storyline brings your attention to the issues of racism, it also touches on colorism in the Black community. Ruby, played by Wunmi Mosaku, is Lewis’ sister and of a darker complexion than her. Throughout the show, we see Ruby’s insecurities with her body and how she uses some of the magic to combat that. The latest episodes take viewers deeper into Ruby’s character and her vulnerability to her insecurities. Nonetheless, Ruby and Lewis play two very strong women roles.

“Lovecraft Country” also touches on the representation of the LGBTQIA community. In the newest episode, viewers find out one of the main characters is in love with someone of the same sex (you didn’t think I’d spoil that for you, did you?). Viewers begin to see this character open up and accept themselves for who they truly are. Producers definitely made sure to represent the Black community in its entirety with this series.

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So whether you’re a sci-fi lover, horror fanatic, budding historian or just looking for something good to watch, “Lovecraft Country” is something that will satisfy every kind of viewer. This show has rewritten the rules of horror and has exceeded the anticipated expectations. You can watch the series every Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO.