How Ariane Turner is Looking Good and Living Well

What does it mean if you are living well? It is money or fame? Is it meditation and prayer? Making time to take care of yourself is crucial, not only for yourself but for the people around you. It creates a level of respect for yourself and teaches others how to treat you as well. Whether you are taking some time to sit and pray or having a serious spa day, you should always keep yourself in mind. So, you want to know her secret? There is no concrete answer, but Ariane turner is working every day to figure it out for herself and her circle.

Ariana Turner is branding herself on the basis of beauty and self-care. Often times we get one without the other, but she is here to show us duality in its purest form. The “Look Good, Live Well” founder embodies intentionality and uses this to fuel her brand. Looking good and living well is a manifestation of dedication, commitment, and self-love, and she is teaching us how to do all of this and have clear skin at the same time. I got the chance to ask Ariane how she is taking advantage of living well, and she left no stone unturned.

Living Well in Private

How did skincare/beauty impact you in early adulthood?

I always imagined a career in which I served others, in some capacity, and helped them look/feel their best. I studied Psychology at Florida A&M University, and that’s also where my career as a makeup artist began. Postgrad, I continued my journey as an artist, and got a master of cosmetology license, which also gave me a solid foundation in the science of skin. For a [while] I was invested in what I used topically, but about 7-8 years ago, I began to study the impact of what I was ingesting and the role that played in how I looked and felt.

What type of lifestyle do you maintain in terms of your health?

I’m all about easing into my day with prayer, meditation, and visualization.

I do not play about my rituals! I’m all about easing into my day with prayer, meditation, and visualization. I journal and then I have some type of warm beverage to wake up my organs. I listen to something motivational (a song or a podcast) as well. This helps get my head and heart right, and it equips me to face whatever the day brings.

How does your daughter influence your business and what is she learning through you? 

Omg this is so HUGE for me. My daughter is the driving force behind my business. She is certainly my why. I want to model consistency, discipline, a strong spiritual foundation, love, compassion, and empathy for others. For me, it’s all about showing her what these things look like, and how showing up for yourself pays off. I’m intentional about teaching her to love herself, to prioritize self-care, to be an excellent communicator, and to do all things with love and excellence.

living well

Any fears or doubts? How does looking good and living well allow you to work through them? 

Absolutely! My anxiety is easily triggered. Fear and doubt pop up in my life pretty consistently. For a while, I would try to eliminate fear, but my life changed for the better when I learned to embrace my fear and make peace with it. What I’ve learned is that both fear and doubt are very real emotions. They aren’t positive or negative – they just are.

And then I make a conscious decision to move forward in spite of what I feel.

What makes those emotions positive or negative are the actions that follow. So if fear creeps in I sit with it for a bit, I acknowledge what it’s rooted in and where it’s coming from. And then I make a conscious decision to move forward in spite of what I feel. I was in the middle of a speaking engagement and I said: “I am terrified to up in front of you today, but I am committed to showing up and working through this.” Acknowledging that emotion didn’t make it disappear, but it did give me strength to move forward.

What does your support system look like? Do you have a system of support specifically for your brand? 

I have a really solid support system that includes family and friends. I am a giver, and for a while, it was very difficult for me to receive anything from others. Help, compliments, advice, you name it – I just had a hard time receiving. Something shifted, and I realized that many of the things that I was praying for would be answered via help from those connected to me. Connections, relationships, and partnerships are EVERYTHING in both life and business.

Being open to all forms of abundance, and wanting to keep the law of reciprocity active in my life, means accepting support in all of its forms. There are some very specific people that check-in and support me, and then there is the support of my online family. Both are very special to me, push me, motivate me, and are manifestations of support.

Living Well in Public

What fueled your desire to get into the business of beauty, skincare, and wellness? 

I’ve always been passionate about the overall health and wellness of others. Making women feel good about themselves through hair and makeup was a career that brought me great joy. As my own wellness journey began, it was important for me to share this knowledge with my clients. That is essentially how my business was born.

How important is living well in regard to beauty and appearance?

I truly believe that beauty is a manifestation of being invested in your health and wellness. What we eat, what we think, what we put on our bodies, our lifestyle practices all impact our outward appearance. My entire business is built on this premise. When you raise your standards in regards to health, you see a higher return in every area of your life – especially your appearance.

What are some of the things you value most in expanding and maintaining your brand? 

I really enjoy the freedom of multiplicity. I am always learning, growing, changing, and evolving. As a result of that, my business has seen many transitions. That used to scare me because I was worried about how people would transition with me, but now I don’t care as much. My audience is composed of individuals that are committed to self-growth and are open to change. They appreciate my journey and are excited to grow with me.

How has the “Look Good, Live Well” brand shaped you personally and professionally? 

Look Good, Live Well is a manifestation of my lifestyle. It’s very much ingrained in me, it’s how I move through life, and it’s what keeps me going. Marketing has been easy because essentially I am showing people how I navigate through my day-to-day. I’m currently focused on connecting with busy, professional women. I have a heart for entrepreneurs, creators, and those who work in high-stress environments. Having the necessary wellness practices in place makes every aspect of your life better, and that’s the message I hope to convey to my audience.

Currently, I’m connecting with women because they are the easiest to relate to. However, I plan to expand my audience and intentionally include men. I love men and I love masculine energy. I believe in the yin, the yang and the necessary balance between male and female. We cannot develop these incredible wellness practices and leave our guys in the dust. It’s in our best interest to love, protect, and pour into the men we are connected to, and my next stage of business will do just that.

Looking Forward to the Future

 What goals do you have for this year?

This year my word is “consistent”.  It’s my goal to show up in every area of my life with more discipline and consistency. I’m a true free spirit, and could greatly benefit from a bit more structure and more systems. One of my goals is to make that a reality.

This is my year of YES as well. I’m continuing to say yes to help from others and to say yes to things that scare me. Goal setting is me focusing on the end game and how I want to feel. I’m not too concerned with the details. I don’t know how certain things are going to manifest, that’s God’s business, not mine. My plan is to stay attached to the feeling, the end result, and I stay open to however God wants to provide. Remaining intentional about my behavior is also important. If I know that a goal is to experience financial freedom then I’m intentional about spending, saving, and investing. So maybe I have more intentions than I do goals. In the next five years, I see myself owning more of my time, and being a greater resource to everyone connected to me.

We’re living in a time where we can lose track of what’s important – even down to something as small but critical as drinking enough water. Self-care isn’t just a quick massage or a bomb playlist, it’s a lifestyle. Ariane Turner has turned her passion into her purpose, motivating herself and others to be better for ourselves. Take some time in this new year to be better to yourself, friends, and family, and figure out what living well means for you.