How Jayla Moody’s Influential Homecoming Campaign turned into a Girl Boss Business

An inspiring, millennial #girlboss story is always one worth exploring. We had the pleasure of speaking with Jayla Moody, founder of Joy by Jayla, a creative who used her skills and talents to help others find their voice and creativity.

For someone who isn’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m currently getting my Masters at Georgia State in communications, with a concentration in digital media strategies. So, apart from the things that I love to do, I am a storyteller. I’ve held numerous roles in the field of journalism and marketing communications that have provided me with a strong understanding of the news cycle and inner workings of the media. I can craft clear and effective messaging for both the media and the general public.

During undergrad, I wrote for Mercer’s news publication for a little over a year–publishing multiple articles and doing a lot of PR work about what was going on at the school and in the local community. I served as an editor for my student newspaper for about three years I had my own column in college called Moody Musings. I wrote about everything from boy problems to friendship issues, balancing college life, dealing with mental health, finding mentors, applying for internships, anything related to college life.

What shaped the idea to create Joy by Jayla?

During my senior year. I ran for homecoming queen. And I knew that, regardless of whether I won, or lost. I kind of had to put myself out there. I wanted to inspire people and that came to me during the summer of 2018. And it came to me in the form of joy, and I wanted to inspire my students at the school. I wanted to inspire them to choose joy.

My homecoming platform was Choose Joy. And I won. People fell in love with the idea of Choose Joy and it got to the point where people started to call me Joy. I saw that people were being impacted by it, people were reaching out to me like you helped me get through something. I, too, was experiencing this same thing. Something about what they were saying pulled on my heart. I knew that it was something that I had to do, and I knew that it was God who was talking to me through all of these people reaching out to me. So, from there, Joy by Jayla was born.

What is Joy by Jayla?

I label it as an inspirational storytelling brand, because what my inherent goal is to inspire someone else to tell their story. The more transparent we become about things that we are dealing with and struggle with, the more we can help someone else. I utilize my services to help build their own brands. I offer my expertise with writing and editing, interviewing, researching, producing social media content and managing your social media pages.

What inspired the names for your T-shirt’s?

They’re named after important people in my life. I’ve dealt with a lot of loss. The “Ash Tee” is named after one of my friends who recently passed away. She was very instrumental in helping me. The “Jo Tee” is inspired by my boyfriend. He was extremely helpful with my brand.


How do you envision ‘Joy by Jayla’ progressing in 2020?

My goal is to create a platform for others to tell their stories and inherently inspire someone else while doing so. It’s a ripple effect! There’s something about authenticity and a journey story that shows other people they are completely capable of doing the dang thing too. Inspiring others is me in my most natural state.
God blessed me with a vision to share and he laid it on my heart in the form of joy. Joy to me means happiness regardless of circumstance. It means designing and working for the life you deserve. Joy is a full-time job. Every day we have to make the conscious decision to wake up and choose it for ourselves.

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