How to Keep Your Skin Clear and Moisturized during the Winter

Skincare can be tricky during the wintertime. Your regular routine may not be enough to protect you from the bitter cold temperatures and brisk winds. Keeping your skin clear, moisturized and hydrated during this chilly season is a complicated, but feasible task. It’ll take some extra effort but the results of soft, glowing clear skin will prove to be worth it. Here are a few tips to stay clean and moisturized during the winter.

Keep Showers Short & Sweet

We all love a long steamy shower, especially after battling the freezing cold outside. Despite how great the warm sensation feels in the moment, this can result in even drier skin. Try keeping showers short and warm (NOT hot) and trade any harsh soaps for a creamy, moisturizing body wash. After hopping out, immediately moisturize your skin. Switching over to a rich body butter or adding a layer of body oil before applying your regular lotion will help keep skin moisturized and hydrated. You’d also benefit from carrying a travel-sized body cream to maintain your moisture throughout the day. 

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Relax with a Face Mask

Adding a moisturizing facial mask to your skincare routine can make a world of difference. Using harsh facial scrubs and cleansers during the winter can increase the chances of dry skin by stripping it of its natural oils. Try switching over to a creamy facial cleanser and follow up with a mask. Take 10 minutes of your day to relax with a light facial mask that’ll wrap your skin in essential hydrating ingredients. Once you’ve removed your mask, apply a rich moisturizer to your face and avoid products with fragrances or alcohol. These products have the potential to strip your skin of its natural oils also.

Stop Licking Your Lips

The urge to lick your lips is almost unbearable during the winter. Unfortunately, studies have shown that saliva contributes to making your lips even drier. Invest in a moisturizing lip balm or two… or maybe even three. There’s no shame in having more than enough lip protection. Frequently and generously apply your lip balm to prevent dry and cracked lips. 

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Switch Up Your Diet

Keeping your skin hydrated goes beyond surface-level care. The condition of your skin and its moisture can be heavily impacted by your diet. Overindulging in caffeine and coffee can increase the chances of skin dehydration. Make sure you’re drinking tons of water and attempting to limit your caffeine intake. Adding water-rich fruits and veggies to your diets like strawberries, grapefruit, celery, and tomatoes can also help keep your skin hydrated.

Maximize Moisture in Your Home

The drier the air, the drier the skin. The winter air lacks moisture and so does a home with the thermostat on high. Avoid extra dryness in your home by keeping the heat at a low or moderate temperature (between 68-72° F). Many skincare professionals recommend investing in a humidifier to increase the level of moisture in the air of your home. Keeping it in the room you spend the most time in will help your skin remain hydrated.


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