How to Balance Your Work and Social Life

Creating a balance between your work life and social life is important. Making sure you stay active and taking care of yourself through social activity is one of the ways how, we, as humans stay connected. In order to stay sane, here is how to balance your work and social life.

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Keeping track of time

Your calendar is the little assistant in your pocket that maintains all of your events. Having a digital or physical calendar is important to make sure you are balanced. One of the best ways, for me personally, is to set up different calendars in iCalendar for my frequent events: school, work, and social events. There are other productivity apps like this too. All of these calendars are labeled with different colors and have alerts to keep me reminded of what’s happening next.

You can also use an eraser board to show special due dates like paying your rent and paying other bills for your budget. Since they deal with your home space, I like to space these in the kitchen with a bill organizer. It keeps everything together.

Maintain your space

Having both work and social life is all about maintaining the balance in your space. Your home and workspace is a reflection of what is going on in your life. Keeping everything clean is helpful in making sure that your work is effective. Using organizers to help keep everything in tip-top shape in your space. It also keeps your life separated into each category.

Personally, I use Friday mornings to clean my workspace. Starting with my desk, I organize all the paperwork to trash or shred, put my pens back, and clean off my eraser board. I also clean off my computer on Fridays from old files and properly putting things away. On Saturdays, I clean my house by starting in the kitchen then moving through the house. On Sundays, I do laundry and prepare for the week.

State your boundaries

You may have work friends and personal friends you hang out with every weekend. Balancing each set of friends can be hard, but it must be done. Maintaining those boundaries between friendships can either make or break you. Feel free to go to a happy hour at a bar with some coworkers, but don’t get too friendly by going to a club like with your friends. Yes, it is good to socialize with your coworkers but the cons can be risky. You may risk something in your reputation that you cannot get back.

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Maintain your mental health

If your mental health calls for it, remove yourself from the situation. We sometimes get into situations that spiral out of our control. Feel free to maintain your space and boundaries by advocating for your mental health. It is okay to decline that happy hour or going out to an event. Put yourself first. You can do this by taking those sick days. Yes, it may be hard to leave your job but your health comes first. How do you expect to live your life to the fullest and be your best at your job if you are not taking care of yourself?

Another way to take a break is to go on your full lunch break outside. Get some vitamin D and not look at your work. Give your mind a break to feel refreshed.

Keeping these four things in mind, the goal is to keep your life balanced in the best way that you can do. Setting yourself up for success is a quick, effective way to keep everything together in one piece. Balancing is key, but you are more important. If it gets too much, feel free to take a step back, recuperate, and recharge.

Sterling Jones

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