How to Elevate Home Decor in Your Living Space

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment, dorms on campus, or just want to redecorate, there are many little things you can do to elevate the ambiance. Home decor is all about expressing yourself in your living space and making it comfortable for you. The little things that draw your attention and add some pop to your decor are what you have to look for. Here are eight ways you can elevate your home decor to add more color, space and style.

Decorate your storage space

Storage space is important, especially when your living space may not be as spacious. Shelves and bins are a great way to maximize your space vertically instead of horizontally. The cubby-like bins are great for holding smaller things that you need to get to and come in various styles and colors. Floating and interlocking shelves are great for drawing attention to whatever the shelf is holding such as books, awards, pictures, etc.

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If you’re a student living on campus, lifting your bed higher for more space can also be ideal. You can purchase a small shelf that can fit under the bed and use the bins for clothes, shoes, accessories, school supplies, and maybe even snacks—labeling them comes in handy, too. For most dorms, you’re definitely going to want to maximize the storage under the bed because of sharing a space with a roommate or having smaller rooms to fit more people in one space.

Add some lights

Colored LED lights are something almost everyone has in their home. They can set a mood depending on color and they’re fun to have for get-togethers. You can find string LED lights at Amazon, Target, Walmart or Home Depot. You can also find LED light bulbs as an alternative.

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If you’re not a huge fan of the LED lights but still want something to brighten up your room, try a marquee board or a different colored lamp. Marquee boards come in all shapes and sizes and can be personalized. The different colored lamps also come in various shapes like palm trees, pineapples, flamingos and other designs. For those who like to decorate with a theme, that might be something you’d enjoy.

Art and Prints

You definitely don’t want naked walls and unfortunately, you can’t repaint every living space you come across. This is where art and prints come in. This can be done in many ways: you can buy some art or prints from a local artist, you can design your own wall art on Canva or Adobe InDesign, you can visit Pinterest and print off designs according to size or you can buy some wall art from your favorite home decor place.

Either way, you want your wall art to pop. Play around with different colors and designs and see what matches up. Even if it’s just a picture of a leaf, you can pair it up with other similar designs and come up with a nice wall art collection.

Trinkets, statues and plants

Small statues and collectibles make a good desk or coffee table decoration. They also add a little bit of personality to smaller spaces. Kind of like when you’re meeting someone in their office and they have personable items sitting on their desk that gives you an idea of who they are and what they like, same concept. You can even personalize them to have your initials or favorite mantra on them.

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Plants are always a great addition to decorating. They liven up the place and are good for cleansing your indoor air. Plants also teach good lessons about yourself, not regulated by a leasing office or dorm rules and keep you a little more active than closing the curtains and laying in bed.

Monochrome Theme

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Just like clothes, there are different ways to accomplish a monochrome look. You can play with different shades, textures and prints in the same color scheme to switch it up a bit. The idea is to get the colors as close to each other as possible with enough contrast to accentuate the individual pieces in the room. Nude and neutral colors are good to add to reset and control the look, as well.

Creative Corner

Whether it’s your desk or a makeshift palate in the corner of your room, you need a space that will invoke creativity, motivation and support. You can do this with motivational quotes and vision boards on the wall, calendars, accomplishments, or something that you can refer back to when you need to be reminded of your goals and aspirations. Grab a comfy oval chair or add a cute seat cushion to a desk chair to maximize comfort while working.

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If you have a balcony or porch, you can use that space to be productive in almost every way. You can use it as an outdoor study or workroom, a yoga and meditation space or a personal oasis. Add some turf (fake grass), small patio furniture of your choice and some plants to give the full effect.

Ditch the Door Mirrors

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Although door mirrors are ideal and cheap, it’s time we step it up a notch. Freestanding mirrors are great for corners and can be easily moved around. Circular modern wall mirrors come in different designs and add to the pre-existing wall art. Who doesn’t want to show off their good looks with wall art, right? You can also place the circular mirror near the front doors to do one last check before leaving.

Comfort Decor

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If you’re the type of person who likes to ditch the rules and go with your gut, comfort decorating is definitely for you. With comfort decor, you can pick out statement pieces that make you most comfortable, even if they don’t match everything else. Toss your favorite plush blanket on top of your comforter, get reading pillows for when you want to sit up in bed, replace your patio furniture with a hanging chair or hammock or put a shoe rack at near the doors to kick off your shoes with ease. In the end, this is your living space and the number one thing you should make sure you’re doing is making yourself comfortable.

The possibilities are endless as to what you can do to make your living space represent who you are. The key is to be as creative and expressive as possible without breaking the bank. There are so many options to go through when decorating but the important part is to have fun and put together something that screams you. So, as you move into your new living space, keep some of these tips in mind and happy decorating!

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