How to Find Your Purpose and Make it a Career

The creative community is constantly growing and changing. As young creatives, we’re setting our own trends and playing by our own rules but for some, it may not be that easy. Finding your start in the creative process is the hardest part and where many of us question our creative abilities. Like many other aspects of life, finding your purpose and career is a journey that is special to you and requires you to do some deep soul searching. There are no right or wrong scenarios but here are some ways to get your ideas started.

1. Do as much research as possible.

Research everything. The more you read up on your interest and understand the market, the better you’ll be at executing your idea. This will also challenge your ideas, make you think about your purpose and what will set you apart from the rest. Even researching people in the same field as you will serve as a benefit. Making genuine connections and asking about other experiences can help inspire you and help navigate your journey.

2. Understand your core values.

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When understanding your purpose, set aside the things that you value most. Never forget your core values because they are going to be your road map throughout your journey. It will also keep you motivated at the beginning or during rough patches. Don’t let anyone change or skew you from those values either. Stay grounded and stand for what you believe in. What you value will push you to create that for others and make you stand out.

3. Narrow down your intentions.

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Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your ideas. Many of us are interested in multiple things or envision ourselves doing something specific but what’s the point in it? Saying you want to make money and gain attention isn’t enough, you have to be very specific.

Who are your target audiences? How much money do you want to make? How long do you see yourself in this career? Do you want a team or do everything on your own? How will you execute your plans? Will you continue to do what you want to do even with no money involved?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself while you’re transitioning your purpose into your career. Without a mapped out plan or a great sense of where you want to go, you can lose sight of your purpose and how it will align with your career choices.

4. Be consistent and organized.

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Consistency is key. If you want to work on your purpose, you must be consistent in every aspect. Attend those webinars, make a social media post every day, check-in with others and have those conversations. Being consistent gains traction and momentum because as you become more active in your career, people will see that and navigate towards you. It may seem like a lot of time and energy but that’s what it takes to launch your career.

Staying organized is the other half of balancing everything. Keep journals and calendars to stay on top of scheduling and everything else going on. If it has a set date, time, and location, mark it down regardless of what it is. You’d be amazed at how easy it is to forget the small things.

5. Center your career around you.

In the end, this is all about you. This is your purpose, your career, your brand, your baby, etc. Tailor it to suit you and your desires and keep working on it until you’re satisfied. You don’t have to get it right the first or second time but with time and practice, everything will fall into place. Your purpose will not change whether you realize it today, tomorrow, or years down the line and your career choices will show that. Whatever you want to happen is up to you. We’re no longer living in an era where the world dictates what we’re capable of, you are in the drivers’ seat. Always keep in mind what will make you and your career choice happy and successful.

‘The possibilities are endless’ as some would say. As you start on your journey or if it’s something you consider, weigh out all of your options, and be honest with yourself. Your journey is not meant to be the same as everyone else’s. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel you’re not where you want to be. Follow your passion and intuition, not the trends and social media pressure telling you what you “should” be doing. Always have faith and believe in yourself. Good luck to you all!

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