How to Find Your Purpose in Life By Pouring into your Passions

It is simple – a sense of purpose helps you live longer. If the year 2020 has taught us nothing else, it is that tomorrow isn’t promised, so do what you love today. The word purpose can add unwarranted pressure at times. The answer isn’t always black and white, along with society providing additional pressure for you to figure it out and do it quickly.

Having a purpose-driven life is a choice. It is a path you choose to journey. No one is born with the knowledge of what they were placed on Earth to become. Your only duty is to get into motion and stay that way.

The Code

The secret code, or formula if you will, is that there isn’t one. Surprise, surprise. However, the only way to find your purpose in life is to pour into the things you love and let the universe guide you from there.

Sometimes all you need to do is start. Start with what you have. Start with that one idea you may have daydreamed about two months ago and can’t stop thinking about it. How you start isn’t always how you’re going to finish, so don’t be afraid to take that first step.

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Passion vs. Purpose

Without passion, you cannot find your purpose. One can be passionate about a plethora of things, but it is that found purpose that will ultimately fuel your passions in the end.

Being young adults, both Millennials and Generation-Z, there is a certain rush on life that everyone experiences. Unfortunately, these societal pressures are normal, however, they are not your truth. Allowing the images you’re seeing of others doing what looks like living in their passion, to cloud your judgment, will only stunt your journey of finding your own life’s purpose.

Aimlessly wandering for your purpose ends with a simple task. Your first step is to sit down and make a list of all things that motivate you, excite you and make you want to spring out of bed each day.

A long life equates to having something to live for! Whatever that is for you, start by channeling what you want to see yourself doing for the rest of your life.


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Let Your Purpose Impact

Not motivated enough just yet? Here’s something to put into perspective.

Most times, one’s purpose in life directly affects those around them. Although your passions and purposes don’t have to be that of a healer, educator or provider, it is important to understand that no matter the calling you run to, find ways for that purpose to speak to others.

From creating handmade crafts to being a published fiction novelist, the importance of how you impact the world both big or small is fundamental. True life’s fulfillment comes from pouring into others. The easiest way you can give that back is by ensuring your passions and purposes are bigger than yourself.

When you feel it, you will know

All in all, remember not to spend your days seeking. Understand that we may not have all of the answers, but they will soon come.

If you aren’t where you want to be in life, it may not be because you are in the wrong purpose. It may just mean you have more to learn. Release the pressures you and the world continue to place and focus on moving forward.

It may be slow motion, but it is still motion.

Start with a passion. The fulfillment will come along the way and once you feel it, you will know. Your steps are aligned and you can’t expect a new door to open if you haven’t walked through the first one in front of you.